Do you know how many years you have worked? Ptrn will pay off due to retirement

Did you work for the flight? U don’t remember where vs hired tsn after round? Let yourself know how many years it takes to make mistakes in your old-age pension so that you do not receive my pension.

Leton seventeen and young retire at the age of five. According to the amendment, the retirement balance will not increase until now. But that doesn’t mean that on the day of their fifth birthday, everyone will automatically be entitled to retirement. the applicant must meet the second condition. From the first year he will have to prove that he has worked the required 35 years in his life.

In 35 years, there will be a lot of work somersaults. While two hunters got into the job he stayed in and retired, today it is different. Someone after the round goes to gather experience for a flight abroad, does not work in times of crisis, in a period of prosperity, I am more often employed due to better debt and benefits.

Also, after thirty years at six-seven workplaces with several people, it is difficult to find employment contracts or registration sheets, which show where and how much you earned. Five years before retirement, I sent enough information about how many years to retire at work, I did not want to be unpleasantly surprised that some people did not get involved, to retired Jitka, who has worked several ethnic offices during her working life.

The first over the age of fifty most often turn to the Czech law of social security with enough to record the number of years worked. But I also have mui.

All you have to do is send you a regular letter, from which it is clear that you are writing about the registered periods of the pension insurance. It must contain the applicant’s birth name, first name, first name, first name and the address or ID of the mailbox to which the information sheet is to be sent. For the sake of simplification, we have prepared a form for the applicant, informs Jana Buraov from the Czech Social Security Administration.

Where have you worked since 2002?

The Czech Social Security Administration has ninety days to send you an informative personal letter, but you will usually receive a reply within a few days.

In ten days I had a letter from the socilka in the mailbox. And I was surprised, I didn’t have a tangled parent. But it was in the horseshoe, he stumbled, and when he retired a lot, to the thirty-year-old Barbora, who works in a Prague publishing house.

The overview does not say where you worked in the past and how much you spent, but you have years of insurance here, or you have used the so-called replacement period of insurance, which will be included in the registered years. These are the period when the stt. For example, you studied, were on sick leave or were molten in the records of a number of jobs. Some periods, such as parental leave, require a lot of money and later enough to own a pension.

The most important thing is to focus on the last part of the sheet, where you can see an overview of unregistered times. That is, the period when it is about him. If you will not be able to find and complete them, do not get involved in the pension insurance.

And here’s the detective work, when you need to take a resume or your own archive of employment contracts and look for help. Or contact your former employer. Employees of the branch of the district administration of social security will help me in this, where according to the permanent residence of the father.

In the event that the employer does not exist or is non-contact, the OSSZ has a document, such as an employment contract, payroll from the period, a certificate from the employer or a copy of the payroll, which the citizen may submit, reconstruct the registered pension certificate, explains Buraov .

Prce naerno does not fill up

For five years, he made a mistake according to the inscription to Jan, the 27-year-old production manager. I didn’t expect that. At the end of the ninety years, a mm break. I worked in the woods and not at all whether the employer paid me a connection for me. K. And he will have to search for the rest of the two years.

You can avoid ambiguities in your current job. The first sign that he is not in the insurance is, for example, when you do not receive a registered pension certificate every year from the employer.

If the employee suspects that his employer has not fulfilled the obligations in the field of social security, he can contact the relevant district administration of social security, which determines whether he is registered as part of the insurance. We recommend employees not to take the so-called work in the black, or in the long run its negative effects in particular, Buraov said.

People working illegally have no time to work or income, which is to pay for their future retirement. And it’s not just about old-age, but also disability and survivors and two sickness insurance. These people are then surprised that they will not receive a pension or sickness benefits, although the employer has paid them a relatively high salary, or look at the low payout, adds Buraov.

Do not stop ptrat

Socially not at all whether it has shortcomings in the entry or not. It only gives an overview of the time of connection and badly only on whether you will solve any irregularities.

Every year the insurance is good, including the seven-year-old pensioner Vra. In the fifties she also completed the ninth course of the basic round, which was not mandatory at that time. That’s why the year of coke will be included in the basic amount of the pension. They sweated my usual eight years. I learned from a friend that they also admitted a girl, so I tried it. She called the bike to Mikulov, where they referred me to the city archive. There they poured the document, they started working for me for a year, and she got a good time to retire, to a senior woman.

Some cases are tricky and you need to get information directly to the social administration. It concerns you people who lived before the division of the SFR in Slovakia. If the citizen had a permanent residence in Slovakia, the time of his employment is the Sociln pojiovnou in Bratislava. These are people who worked in the Czech Republic or for a Czech company before the division. The same applies to workers abroad. They will not find years worked abroad on an entry from the SSZ, we only record the time gained in the Czech Republic. And in the context of retired women, it first requires data from the records of the second state, explains Jana Buraov.

If you have some unregistered times in your horseshoe and you want to see the changes on the map, you can enter the information sheet again and again each calendar year. You can keep track of how many years you need for retirement insurance, and you can continue your working life.