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Slightly increased the basic rates at the largest insurance companies, in dispute pensions for good people and gave a detailed number of clients to the Catholics by age, residence and car. These are the news of the compulsory liability for 2006.

Do you belong to the half of the driver who has to keep a financial reserve at the end of the year, because he will pay the required liability? So we have a good one for vs at first. If you did not cause an accident, pay five years later this year. They are often sent a five percent increase in the bonus, ie discounts from the stock insurance. This can be achieved in total and 45 percent for the Triglav insurance company and 30 percent for other insurance companies. idii, who are entitled to a maximum bonus of several hundred crowns.

Newcomers who will conclude a contract on the compulsory liability of the first insurance company will pay them a so-called basic rate compared to this year’s rates for some insurance companies, specifically the Czech Republic, Allianz, Kooperativy, SOB and the UNIQA insurance company.

Plon, or by region?

Statistics show that the number of accidents is wrong in a particular region. This is what most of them take into account in the rates, and where there has been an accident, there are also rates. According to SOB Pojiovna for the year 2006, it expands the number of districts in which I pay elsewhere. Louny Krom will be added to the current 35 eligible districts. Allianz, Generali UNIQA also applies a detailed division of the market according to the location of the owner of the car. The new company is obliged to offer calls by telephone and the Internet to Callin, which differentiates between rates according to residence, age and gender. esk podnikatelská pojiovna pichz for the first time with market segmentation and will be divided according to the vehicle, age and region in which the ride.

At the same time, it prepared suitable rates for older people and cars. The remaining insurance companies, Czech insurance companies, Kooperativa and Triglav, do not offer similar regional benefits. Only give clients a bonus for a smooth run. You can choose the right one, lasting a long time, to choose between the connection criteria, which will take a long time, but your wallet will appreciate it: the differences between the insurance policies can be several thousand crowns for cars with a high content. News? In the case of any insurance company, the insurance companies differ from each other not only in the way of the rate of compulsory liability, but also with other advantages, which in the context of insurance to clients are two.

Poperable cooperative with the offer of very free insurance. This applies to cars that negotiate a contract on compulsory liability and cover the risk of floods, floods, storms, tree and avalanche, lightning and hail. Allianz, on the other hand, pays fifteen percent discount to clients who take out insurance online. Customers will receive a reflective vest free of charge from the Czech insurance company, and SOB will be able to conclude a new contract over the phone. Generali pojiovna will provide clients with a credit card with a bonus of CZK 500. UNIQA to contract pid as a fire extinguisher spray.

Some insurance companies receive a bad discount if they have a joint contract for compulsory insurance and accident insurance.

Admit bonuses, don’t follow maluses

Zatmco company spltkov, banks i leasing company map clients’ problems and provide information about each other, there is no such register for such connections. The database client centrally managed by the Czech office of the insurer is not working yet, but is being prepared, according to Marek Vch, by Kooperativa. Therefore, the people who demolished can go to competition with impunity and close a new one there insurance for stock, not for maluses, ie pirates called rate.

Pate will compete with the competition

Have you noticed that other insurance companies should be required to pay less? So don’t slow down with the pesto. It is necessary to terminate the fuse in writing 6 weeks before it is blown. So they ended on December 31st, and it is best to do so no later than the week of November 19th. A new contract must be concluded within seven days of the termination of the insurance. You will not lose the obtained bonuses with the transition to the competition, you have to prove them with the confirmation of the previous insurance company.

The proof of compulsory liability must be taken with you due to police checks, points out Ji Jirsa, the director of the compulsory liability department of the Czech insurance company. Whoever goes on the road even without insurance, risks a fine of 20,000 crowns and the destruction of the vehicle and for one year.

Are you interested in the rates of compulsory ruen 2006? You can find their full overview together with the offered bonuses of individual binders HERE.

How do you decide when choosing compulsory liability? Are you satisfied with the insurance company you are with now? What would you recommend to the other idim? Drink nm, dark on your ideas and experiences.


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