In a heartwarming incident in Brazil, a loyal dog showed immense compassion and companionship towards its injured friend after the latter was tragically hit by a car. The devoted canine stayed by its companion’s side throughout the night until help finally arrived the next morning. This touching story has touched the hearts of many around the world, highlighting the deep bond that exists between animals and the incredible capacity for empathy they possess.

The Incident and the Wait

The incident took place in the municipality of Iguaçu, Brazil, on February 14. The stray dog was struck by a vehicle on a busy main road in the city center. Thankfully, a passerby witnessed the heartbreaking scene and captured photos that have since gone viral online.

The pictures depict the injured pooch lying on the roadside, with another dog, presumably its close friend, sticking by its side. The faithful companion did not leave its injured friend’s side even for a moment, showing an unwavering display of loyalty and care.

A Night of Companionship: As the night fell, the caring dog continued to stay close to the injured canine, providing comfort and support. The scene caught the attention of animal lovers across the region, who were deeply moved by the display of loyalty and compassion.

The Rescue Effort: The next morning, local animal welfare charity, Adota Iguaçu (Adopt Iguaçu), received information about the injured dogs. A team of dedicated volunteers, including a nurse named Marina Assuncao and a veterinarian, rushed to the location. However, the caring dog, concerned about its injured companion’s well-being, initially displayed some aggression towards the rescuers. But with patience and care, they managed to win its trust.

The Treatment and Aftercare: The injured dog was carefully transported to a veterinary clinic where it received necessary medical attention. The dedicated team provided the injured dog with medication, food, and water. Although the dog is still unable to walk, there is hope for its recovery. A specialist will soon assess its condition to determine if there are any fractures to the ribs or spine.

Unbreakable Bonds: The remarkable aspect of this heartwarming tale is the incredible bond and companionship shown by the caring dog towards its injured counterpart. The two dogs, believed to be around nine months to one year old, seem to share an extraordinary connection that goes beyond their physical proximity. Marina Assuncao, the nurse involved in the rescue effort, expressed her awe at the level of companionship and empathy exhibited by the caring dog.

The Campaign for Help

Adota Iguaçu, the NGO that saved the injured stray, is now running an online campaign to raise funds for the ongoing treatment and care of these two remarkable canines. Their dedication and loyalty have touched the hearts of many, and people from all over the world are coming together to support their recovery and well-being.

The story of the loyal dog standing by its injured friend’s side is a beautiful reminder of the depth of emotions that animals can experience and the strong bonds they form. It serves as a testament to the compassion and empathy that exist within the animal kingdom, teaching us important lessons about love and care. This heartwarming incident has inspired many to step forward and contribute to the well-being of these two incredible dogs, proving that humanity’s love for animals knows no boundaries.


  1. Are the dogs siblings?
    • It is not confirmed whether the dogs are related, but their companionship suggests an extraordinary connection.
  2. How can I help support their treatment and recovery?
    • You can contribute to the campaign run by Adota Iguaçu to provide the necessary funds for their medical care and well-being.
  3. Will the dogs be available for adoption?
    • Once they have fully recovered, the organization may consider placing them up for adoption to find them loving forever homes.
  4. Can the injured dog fully recover from its injuries?
    • The specialists are carefully assessing the dog’s condition to determine the extent of its injuries and provide the best possible treatment.
  5. What can we learn from this heartwarming story?
    • This story teaches us about the incredible empathy and compassion that animals can display, reminding us to treat all living beings with love and care.

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