A dog that has been missing in Austintown for three days has been found on Thursday thanks to a local drone company.

21 News caught up with the owner of Vantage Point Drone Services based out of Gustavus Township in Trumbull County who tells us how they found the dog named Chip after a multi-day search.

Owner Zach Dzurinda tells 21 News that Chip had been missing since the evening of December 12 and Vantage Point had been searching for him since December 13.

The missing dog story was cross-posted on many of the local Facebook group pages, asking for help in locating the dog.

Dzurinda says the company searched for a total of seven hours with a thermal drone and found Chip near a cemetery on Kirk Road just west of Route 11 in Austintown.

According to Dzurinda, two volunteers with a service dog trained to catch other dogs assisted in Chip’s rescue.

We’re told that Chip had a slight limp, but Dzurinda expects him to be ok. Dzurinda says Chip has been sent to a local vet to be examined further.

Chip’s owner has been notified that he’s been found and Dzurinda tells us the owner was “in tears” when she heard the news and was really excited to get her dog back.

21 News has reached out to Chip’s owner for further comment and is waiting to hear back.