Dog Waited At Gate For Months, praying For Someone To Help Her & Her Friends

Three pups had been living in the yard of a car repair shop, desperately waiting for someone to save them.

Thankfully, the employees at the shop had been very friendly toward them and fed them whenever they could. But the dogs still longed for a place to call home.

Unfortunately, since they hadn’t been vaccinated, all three of them contracted parvovirus and required hospitalization and medical care. This was crucial in order for them to have the best chance at survival.

one of the pups always waited at the gate, hoping someone would come save her and her friends.

Finally one day, their prayers were answered.

The puppies, now named Cora, kami and Carly, were rescued by Howl of A Dog and brought to their vet to receive immediately medical care. They were treated for their parvo and have since fully recovered. They have also received all of their vaccinations and are now ready for a forever home.

The nine-month-old pups are very playful and get along with other dogs.

They spent the beginning of their lives all alone to fend for themselves, and now they are just hoping to find loving families to give their love to and who will love them in return.

Although they’re being cared for in Romania, they can be adopted out internationally.

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