Draba is a threat to non-payment and a tool of good sales

Draba can mean cheapness for one to buy cheaply, and sell it expensive for another. And for people with sweat, the mortgage is the last resort in a woman with a bank. The crisis has also affected draebs. The development of the number of draws in the Czech Republic shows a gradual decline.

Draby is in crisis at the bottom

“While the Czech economy has only seen the main wave of the crisis, the Czech auction market has been in crisis since 2002 and the crisis is deepening,” said Ji Bure, chairman of the Czech railway association. And the statistics of the sweat draebs him for two.

Since 2002, draby kadoron pots have been declining. While 4,600 auctions were carried out in 2002, last year there were only 2,511. From 3,849, their number dropped to 2,075.

What is behind such a dramatic drop in drab pot? It can be seen in the expensive sector, especially in legislation. He therefore formulated 25 circuits, which should deal with Konko’s amendment on public roads. In addition, the obligation to make an estimate of the auctioned item should apply only to forced auctions or introduce the obligation of only one inspection of the property.

“For example, in the case of real estate, there must always be two inspections, even if there is no interest in this auction or the owner does not know this inspection. That puts an excess of money on the railroad, ”said Ji Bure.

Courts, executives and financial councils are among the institutions that currently cannot hire a railroad. “This is to the detriment of creditors, because it can also be statistically proven that the auctioneers are gaining prominence in the courts compared to courts, executors and financial administrators,” comments Ji Bure.

Souasnm faktem zstv, e zjem o draby kles. A tk se to i draeb nedobrovolnch.

Development of draebs in the Czech Republic

Year Total number of draebs The total number of involuntary draws Total number of real estate auctions Total number of auctions with movable and immovable property
2000 620 156 351 0
2001 3 386 446 2 906 187
2002 4 600 614 3 849 354
2003 4 468 470 3 710 265
2004 3 840 477 3 191 190
2005 3 708 380 3 042 206
2006 3 135 256 2 601 129
2007 2 704 320 2 183 115
2008 2 511 304 2 075 90
Source: Centralniadresa.cz

The number of involuntary auctions does not develop as clearly as the number of voluntary auctions. Pesto is apparently a declining trend – despite the ever-increasing volume of mortgaged property. It is true that banks usually do not prefer to pay their situation in another way, but to sell the property they still have to move. And probably choose another variant of sale than auction.

In addition, the threat of forced construction is so high that the debtor usually finds a way to agree with the bank on a different way of owning a bond.

Is the price in drab you?

The auctioneers state that ev drachch is an affordable price. “The average is 10 and 25 percent higher, the price is not an estimate,” said an unnamed auction company. The question, however, is how the pslun estimate is set. After all, even banks can (and have recently joined) to estimate the price of real estate, in their case determined as a mortgage.

On the other hand, buyers take part in auctions for two reasons – they either want to get an object (and real estate) of exclusive value and are willing to pay more for it than others, or they want to get a cheaper property, for example. due to the time pressure of the sale. But the final price always depends on the demand and their acceptance. And even though it is possible to make a very convenient purchase in the auction, when the auction is occupied by potential buyers, the auction usually achieves a higher price than at the first sale.

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