Easy loans are full of risks. Beware of fraudsters who get ready for pensions

Fast loans with soft conditions, which can reach almost everyone. Pensions come to you and the house. These are the offers of some non-banking institutions. Mon vs fascinated. But two, don’t come to them, spot what they will mean for your family coffers. This type of loan is not cheap, and when you come across fraudsters, we may not get the next loan, you will just pay.

1. That, how much splatteYou want to know how much they would drink and how much you would pay. Only internet questionnaires are inconvenient. You sail, you sail auo vs vd everything, except the date of birth and perhaps even the bot. And still don’t know how much to pay and how the installments will be… That’s right. If the company does not have a calculator on the Internet or put it on the phone without sloitch, it probably has something to hide.

2. Fees in advance“He receives 100,000 crowns, the fee for the arrest is five thousand. Then let’s approve you enough, you get a pension and you will pay according to the payment schedule, ”if the company outlines such a scene, it will remain only with the first team. You pay the fee and tm in the end.

3. May sloit podmnky

Do not rely on what they say, read the terms of the contract. Sometimes the lending company doesn’t find it easy – when, for example, you print the e-Credit conditions from the Internet, you can immediately get a magnifying glass – a font size 4 is not for normal. Only pearls can be hidden in the insurance conditions.

You finpomoc.cz allow you unlimited collection from your here. When you don’t collect the installment, you will pay quite an unpleasant penle. And it’s revolving, when you don’t tell you you don’t want to, half the money is paid and the fees are deducted.

4. Carefully stopDo you want to buy 100,000 crowns and the company wants to buy dm, only m worth millions? Don’t take any chances. Pjka is immutable due to the build. Either ask for a property without security, or go to the bank and apply for an American mortgage – you will get more.

5. Nut vs shnt clientsHe accepts, but you will need to get two clients who will be interested in pensions. Only then will the contract be valid for a year. Classic airplane. If you are among those who get caught, your years are likely to increase rapidly, and you will become unpopular in the team, because you will be sacrificing everyone with a loan.

6. Infoline zan sly 90

If, after the first contact, the operator or even the vending machine tells you that she is giving your details and you should call 900 957 303 the next day, do not do so. In all likelihood, you would generously subsidize a fraudster. The price is free from 90 crowns per minute, and do not answer all the questions and comments, it will take 20 minutes depending on.

7. There are no n contactsBe careful when you find a single contact in the business register: a company executive who is from Florida.