Economist Lipovsk: The market should determine the length of working hours and wages

The average wage in the Czech Republic is rising, in the second quarter it jumped to
31,851 crowns. Wages in the public sector may rise faster than wages in private companies. Let the voices say that it is time to reduce working hours. How is economist Hana Lipovsk? We pinpoint her poses in an exclusive interview.

Is the growth of nationwide average gross wages good and bad at first? long-term employees are probably not interested in the national average wage. I have never heard that after the release of new data on the rapid growth of the average wage, the people would rejoice as we will all be better and happier.

Most of us are interested in much more wages, which we have on our own free dogs. The data published by the Czech Statistical Board also give a significant statement of labor costs. They show that work as the longest component of production is healthy, as well as the threat to the health of our purchase or name and lk.

When could he have an average of 40 thousand crowns gross on a paid dog?Today, the average wage is growing very fast after a long period of post-crisis pelapovn in the city. The mere increase in wages without taking into account the overall economic situation, unfortunately, may not be a joy at first. stka, which we see on a free dog, nm itself nothing at all. Simplified: the first prize costs 40 thousand crowns a month, but if the bread costs 80 crowns, it will be more noticeable, not when he would take only 15 thousand crowns at the price of bread 10 crowns.

Therefore, we are not interested in the wage as a word, but rather the wage as a share of the total wealth. So the question does not know when he will have an average of 40 thousand crowns a month, but when he will be able to buy a quarter more for his salary than today.

Or go different: the price of a roll of at least seven years is the same 2.50 K per piece. In the last decade, the croissant bag lost gradually from 50 grams to 50 grams, sweat 45 grams and today the most common 43 grams, and in some cases even only 39 grams. Reln such a malnourished croissant rose by 70 halls per piece, although we can see the same price on thinly. Similarly, when we raise wages, while at the same time healthy, we will not stick to anything.

According to the weights of the Ministry of Labor, the average wage should also be matched by the minimum wage. This year is 12,200 crowns, for five years it should rise to 13,700 crowns and gradually reach the level of half the average wage. What do you think about that?The minimum wage is not the only amount of 12,200 K is only the lower limit for unskilled employment for the wage of Mr. Tolls. In fact, there is a whole table of minimum wages. Such a copy is guaranteed a minimum wage of 13,500 CZK per month, a cashier of 14,900 K and you, a researcher who falls into the 8th group of jobs, have a minimum wage of 24,400 K this year.

In the labor market, companies (or stt) buy time, our labor, just like we buy goods in a store. Even pekaovi can sometimes think of a price of 2.50 per corner unfairly low. Let’s imagine the bag thanks to the imaginary Pekask lobby. Karel magek, about which Magic apek wrote, will enforce a law according to which the price of rolls will have to be valorised to half the average price of bread every year. What will it lead to emu? Probably for us, the rolls will be so expensive compared to other pastries that the EU prefers to buy bread or age.

As the rolls remain in storage, there will be no baking left, they will not become cheaper again or they will be made. Similarly, if we are artificially grafted through wages, companies will still be more likely to replace human labor. Let’s see it daily in the supermarkets where the cash registers worked years ago, we have a self-service cash register today. Where the two of us found some of Svrkov’s Mr. Tkaloon in the purchase of bottles is a machine today.

Even the work of the cleaners is replaced by a machine building, which was cleaned by two pans with rubbish and mops, today there are only two cleaners equipped with washing machines. Of course, similar measures affect workers with the lowest qualifications, for whom it is most difficult to find another job. Simplified: I can always go to the sleigh, but the sleigh cannot be transferred to the city of cardiac surgeon from day to day.

In his new book Who Wants Our Pensions? – The economy without political correctness believes that a substantial amount of money is paid to a pay dog, ie what he actually buys for his debt. How are we reln? We should rightly wonder if we can buy more or the same quality. It is not very valid if we can buy one or more more for the current wage compared to last year, if they fall apart after a month. However, even with a lot of goods, last year we were slightly worse than in 2016, although our average wage increased, we could buy more bread, small products, eggs, but you gasoline for it. We can buy more, for example, beer or kuat, but we had to make dark on the codec about three months according to.

With the average gross wage of all wages and salaries. The average salary in the public sector today is not in the private sector. What does it mean when wages grow faster than wages?Wage growth leads to a split between the private and public sectors. Simplified our basic needs, ie food, people and housing, provided primarily by the private sector. Prices in the private sector are determined by objective market forces. Demand and supply respond, for example, to external costs due to drought or to a change in our consumer tastes.

On the contrary, the public sector provides mainly public administration (people and women), 80% of education and about half of health and social care or culture. With a faster growth of wages compared to wages, the unit will get more from the pile of goods produced by the private sector and, conversely, less than two private sector workers. That is why economists in the dark for a hundred years have been calling for a dream of bureaucracy.

To what extent are the divisions between wage growth in the private sector and wage growth in the public sector?In the customs sector, salaries increased by about 14% last year, while in the private sector by only 7%. For example, in culture last year, wages grew the fastest in the entire public sector (by 18% on average, in the private sector by only 8%). At the same time, only in the area of ​​private education was the median wage higher than the median salary otherwise, for example, the median salary of a nurse in the state was about 6,000 K higher than in the private.

Salaries in the public sector will increase as the coalition agrees. What will it mean, will the private sector cut its salary growth? In practice, this means that either the people in the private world will make you cut or make more, or they will make the goods healthier. We must realize that wages are at the bottom of the thorn economy, among other things, whether it is about what we owe. Imagine what would happen if a good ruler wrote after the discovery of book printing that the dog’s day must not be lost, that he must still receive the same wage and that the dog will be allowed to pass from father to son.

I dare say that with such a lesson we would expect the distance of the distance across Europe to go through centuries. The movement of wages signals where our work is needed, where we have the best skills, where we need to be. If we want to rely only on the current wage bill, then on the one hand we do not want to stay away from others, but we will firmly close ourselves even before the economy changes and we will have to look for work elsewhere with us, but undoubtedly our children.

How else can you pay the salaries of a teacher, a police officer, a firefighter, a soldier, a nurse, a doctor in a small hospital and others who receive a salary? These professions will certainly receive a solid salary. First of all, cut off any remaining cargo. Especially in healthcare and co-op, there are often prescribers of the most senseless knees and infernals, expensive conferences and congresses are given, their significance could be questioned, and a number of completely unmarried people are hiding under the guise of innovation.

It is known that the same equipment and the same service are bought by the private sector at a significantly cheaper rate than the public sector, or in public pensions are firmly reserved for what must be spent. Although the state shows at the bottom of the pub, it can often behave like a pub. Similarly, it would help us to reduce the number of administrations, due to which it is necessary to allocate a hundred salaries not to the teacher, but to you ethnically.

In Czech, start to raise voices: What to reduce working hours Is there a space for dreaming working hours in our area, or are they just gestures? It is, above all, a full remainder of the discussion, which is only a distract from the real problems. Where it is possible today, people actually work very often for a short time. On the other hand, such a case probably only slightly overlooked in the middle of the operation, which complicated the end or my work. Therefore, it is not possible to speak from above until long working hours.

I understand the threat that the threat of exploitation of employees by the employers, and I understand the objection that in a small town where there are only a few of these employers, the people cannot afford to give a report. Due to such threats, you do not have to artificially interfere in the contract between the employee and the employer. Fully post, according to two existing laws, the state will demand that the contracts be complied with.

The last time working hours were reduced was in 1968, when working Saturdays were canceled. How is the day if the number of hours worked in the public and private sectors? Opt, we must spill out between what is statistically reported and reality. A self-employed person explores herself with a bit of superhumanity, working six days a week from six to seven nights, practically without a change in time.

There are officially large differences between regions, such an average Slingshot will work in 48 hours more than an employee from the Moravian-Silesian Region. According to the data, self-employed persons spend 240 hours more than employees and have 120 hours more than women.

Who works the longest?An extreme are anesthesiologists who work 500 hours according to, not the national average. In the private sector, then, a little surprisingly, I work the longest for public transport and ashes (an average of 48 hours a week).

If working hours are reduced, we will be less stressful and in a hurry. How did it give me positives? We could live in less stress and hustle after work, but we would have to bend even more during working hours. Let’s see, I have a day for an average teacher, a teacher, an editor. How much time do we spend planning with colleagues, blabbering on, or even browsing the Internet? Of course, we don’t have to officially, but it is estimated that especially people working in the positions of the so-called flea field will thus waste at least an hour a day, ie 240 hours.

Under the pressure to reduce working hours, we will have to use this time to work, which should have its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing that the market is still as vnmn pennant. If we realize that the market is all of us, who buy and sell, who we want to improve the lives of ourselves and our loved ones, then we have to ask ourselves to let the decision be as important as the wages and long working hours on the market first. .