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Unemployment is at historically low levels. While companies have time, employees, on the other hand, have the best. He raises companies and offers interesting wages and benefits. And so ei mn prci jako div.

In the first half of this year, 15% of them changed. About a quarter of the people either took an active look at the new job or moved in after another interesting job with another employer. This emerged from the latest global survey of the Workmonitor personnel consulting company Randstad.

The fluctuation rate was higher (17%) than en (12%). The youngest people aged 18 and 24 changed the most, but the people aged 25 and 34. With increasing age, the turnover of employees decreases. In this category, the oldest workers between 55 and 67 are rising again.

For these age categories, the change of employer is due to other reasons than young ronky. Mostly about physical exertion, comments Albta Honsov from Randstad, and adds: Even though unemployment is at a record low, it is still true that the 55+ generation does not work easily.

And for the people I was employed? Twenty percent want better conditions. No more than a quarter of people were satisfied with the current employer and personal reasons were given by five respondents.

Activity in the labor market jet zesl

The most common people working in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors. And then in the hotel and catering sector, which has traditionally been the industry with the highest turnover. Now, in the arrest of, according to Randstad, most people in the automotive and aerospace industries, from the field of wholesale and retail distribution, from the field of food production and again from the field of hospitality and catering, are looking for new work.

After a quiet holiday season, we have seen the intensified activity of job seekers in recent days. More intensive job offers and look for individual advertised positions. It is therefore to be assumed that autumn will mean a significant shift in the labor market, not as it was in the spring, adds Albta Honsov.

Where are we looking for children?

According to statistics, 67 percent of people used the most common source of job portals last year, and this year it will be similar. It significantly strengthens personal recommendations or references and career websites of employers themselves. Last year, 50% of candidates worked for them. According to them, 49% of people who are considering a change of employer intended to orientate themselves this year as well.

The importance of the building signs of the employer is growing. Jobseekers often have an idea of ​​what kind of company they would like to work for, and so you can find out about career opportunities directly on the company’s website or on its profiles on social networks. For employers, it’s a baldness to present. In addition, if you are looking for positive employee feedback on the website, there is a probability that these companies will start their CV, to Albta Honsov.

Hodndnes dajlid taknadoporuen. This is related to another phenomenon that currently prevails in the labor market, and thus the contributions of the employer for the recommendation of a new colleague. They are relatively high, moving on a straight plate of thousands of crowns. The highest contributions are in the field of IT, but they are also in the professions of debtors.

About five people will use the recruitment agency for new employees. It is typical for professionals who want to choose from a pre-made offer and have at their disposal detailed and specific information about the atmosphere in the company, about the composition of the darkness or about the future. Or so for graduates who have so much time to discuss their choice of employer and market share with some impartial party, adds Honsov.

How long is it in one city?

There is one interesting survey, the Paylab Compensation Monitor (at ns Platy.cz). He revealed how long people wanted to work for one employer. It was an international survey that addressed over five thousand respondents in the Czech Republic. It turned out that one of them (39%) wants to work for one company for three and five years. In the groups of young people, 25 and 34 years old, they work for one employer and 48% of employees.

Slightly fewer respondents, 26%, have inclined lengths of 6 and 9 years. This opinion was published by the most elderly people, while in the age groups of 45 and 55 years, 35% of the people agreed with it. It is clear that the young generation, ie lovers and Z generation, which is actively entering the market, tends to more often consider career challenges and look for employment elsewhere.

Loyal employees, who currently work for one employer for less than 5 years, are on the labor market – only 27.5%. The largest group are people who stay in one job for less than 2 years.

According to the survey, loyalty to the employer is largely related to the possibility of career growth. In the group of people who work in managerial positions in them, middle and top management, it is significant in those who have been with one employer for less than 5 years. This is due to the fact that the people had to gradually work their way up to their career level within the company.