Entrepreneurship: what banks offer

Choosing the right business is difficult. In the first place, everyone has a question: Do I have to have a special entrepreneurial business as an entrepreneur? And what if I run a side business, I have to have something other than the one to which my employer sent me a pension?

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No one is required to set up a bank for a business, but sometimes it is not possible to do without its existence. Since July 2004, for example, a cash limit has been in force, which, with a few exceptions, including tax, requires cashless payments of more than € 15,000 or the equivalent in other currencies.

It is practically necessary to establish it even if the entrepreneur works for a state institution or self-governing bodies, where the payment of invoices in cash is complicated. When receiving payments from abroad, you can do without a bank. The number of banks on which there are constant funds from business activities, the entrepreneur must notify his financial board.

It is possible to use it for business and private parties, even though we will probably get into a collision with the bank’s business conditions. However, with the number of data of relevant operations, it is possible and sufficient as a basis for tax records. This is typical for entrepreneurs with ancillary activities who have another source of income.

This is especially useful for business owners in the event of a large number of operations, especially if the entrepreneur does not want to process tax records and ethnicity externally. It is difficult for etn to separate business transactions from private ones, which makes their work more expensive and thus makes it more expensive.

In general, I recommend setting up for a special business. Paul’s bank fees are not always high and you can no doubt say that if you keep the information about your private banking operations to yourself.

(Frantiek Brabec, tax advisor)

The courage to take risks, good ideas, the desire to do business and the skin are the prerequisites for building a business. When something goes wrong, the outcome of the business is uncertain. tte v aktulnm tmatu HERE.

How is the supply of banks for entrepreneurs?

We have already said that you have a special obligation to do business. As mentioned, the entrepreneur also decides that he will have a bank that will otherwise offer banks for small (retail) clients. But beware: in the vm bank they will explain it differently! Only Raiffeisenbank and SOB answered yes to the question of whether the entrepreneur would refer me to the citizens.

The words of the press spokesman of the Ministry of Finance, Marek Zeman, confirm the opposite: There is no obligation to have an entrepreneur, and if someone uses it for a small clientele and he suits him, only the conditions of some banks can relieve him in such an act.

Entrepreneurs will find a relatively rich offer in financial conditions. if you turn according to how the turnover on them the client oekv; somewhere they can choose according to the profession. We can meet, for example, those for lkae, architects, judges and bonding advisors. Msn paul me init padest crowns, but also tm tenfold. We made for a comparable basic product of banks for entrepreneurs.

Do you want to know what individual banks offer? You can find a clear comparison of offers HERE.

Do you have a business or use products for small clients? Do you think you’re in favor of railway entrepreneurs? Drink nm, dark on your ideas and experiences.


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