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Pay mortgage? Then, for the sake of the year, you don’t have to give the tax yourself for the first time this year, but you can file it with the employer. Thanks to the new discounts, you can go to the given days more than two times.

How to make it as small as possible? Entrepreneurs have more space to reduce their costs, deduct from the last evening the costs related to the company, or a small amount. Employees also have their options. And until last year, everyone who wanted to dream of a tax on mortgage years had to give themselves a tax credit. Even though they were only employed without ancillary income and the tax for them was paid by the wages of the thorns. This year, the employer does not have to pay for it, mortgage for years. That is, provided they submitted it by the 15th century. If you forgot about it, nothing is lost, warns the tax advisor Alena Foukalov. Podt piznn sami, dodv.

New discounts

This year, you will also receive new taxes on discounts, which have replaced the current non-taxable taxes. While last year you deducted, for example, 38,040 tax fees from the tax base in your tax return, this year you will reduce the amount by CZK 7,200. In the same way, discounts replaced non-taxable expenses for spouses with low incomes, for studies and disability. Thanks to these changes, especially people with them and middle incomes.

For pojitn you go maximln 12 thousand

In order to deduct life insurance payments, you must take out capital or pension life insurance for at least five years, lasting at least up to 60 years. Then you can leave and 12 thousand crowns from the tax deposit. If you spot in the pension fund, you can apply for an amount that exceeds 500 crowns per month. You can only dream of this deposit. Because you can leave a maximum of 12 thousand crowns a year, it is best to save 1500 crowns a month. The tax also changes the years from building savings or mortgages, up to 300 thousand crowns per year.

Charity is sweating

Even charity is reflected in the day. The easiest way is to donate pensions to a charity account, possibly through an organization. The law allowed the law to donate funds or gifts to individuals. You can deduct from two to ten percent of the tax base, at least a thousand crowns. You do not have to give proof of the gift to the tax return, but keep it for possible control from the financial series. If you send the pension to a good account, you should just enter an entry from here or from the voucher. If you make a gift, read the contract and confirm that you have pedaled the gift. A free blood donation is also considered a contribution to the benefit of the ele.

Don’t forget the documents

On the last page of the tax return is the second area of ​​the tax return. In addition to those that are part of the formula, you must also work, which you can get, for example, from your employer, insurance company and pension fund. Most institutions vm confirmed on field payments automatically at the end of the year. If you take the pizza together with the husband, the confirmed certificate must be in both notes. The original of the person to whom it relates (proof of study dt for the person applying the discount) and a copy for the partner.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

Alena Foukalov recommends adding documents that are not listed here. Although the financial order should be signed, confirming the truth on the last page, you can send a call to the proof of proof a few days before the deadline for refunding the tax refund. Because of that, the back of the tax surcharge will take you a few months, warns Foukalov.

Make a copy

Pot bv is proof of purchase of goods. You don’t have to pay for the tax credit, but I want to see the control from the financial series. The problems are mainly thin on thermal paper, which will fade over time. Make copies and keep them with the original. Each receipt should have the company name, IC and address. The full date and signature of the seller and a clear description of the service or goods for which you paid should not be missing. For example, if you buy fainting and runes for your company, they should be listed thinly. Marked hygienic means do not have to be enough. What if you ever bought an aviv that your company doesn’t need at all?

Don’t pay that day

During the year you can drink to pensions, which you do not have to include in income, from which you will pay taxes. The fact that these incomes are not subject to tax, but does not mean that they do not confuse their head when filling out the formulas. And whatever of the two do not pay tax, some consider themselves to be an income and some do not.

Duties that are not included in the income (and their recipients do not have to follow the limit of 38,040 crowns in order to remain a dependent person)

  • child allowance, social allowances, housing allowance, parental allowance, allowance for aids, care allowance, foster care allowance, maternity allowance, funeral allowance

Benefits to be included in the income (and those who get a total of not more than 38,040 crowns are not a dependent person, even if they do not pay tax from these doors)

  • money unemployment benefits, sickness, maternity, disability pension, old-age pension (if the old-age pension is more than 198 thousand per year, the income that exceeds this limit is taxable on income)

From the other pensions you have issued, pay tax and are included as income. Here, too, the salary salary exception. You don’t have to take the tax if you

  • mte pleitostn vdlky do 20 tisc korun ron,
  • you are an employee and you have given income, which is up to 6000 crowns a year, in addition to those from the tax exempt (he threw dents, for example, the sale of apples from the garden)