Europe’s transport ministers agree on uniform protection standards

From now on, passengers should follow the same rules everywhere in the EU. In a virtual conference, the ministers are also looking for ways in which European airlines can return to their pre-crisis operations.

Check in at a distance: Uniform rules in Europe would create

EAccording to Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU), underground transport ministers have now agreed on uniform standards for health protection at airports and in airplanes. After that, you are required to wear a mouth and nose cover from the age of 6. Passengers should be informed about this in several languages. The cleaning intervals should be increased. In addition, distance rules should be adhered to when handling at airports, even if this increases waiting times. “That creates security, clarity and trust,” said Scheuer on Thursday in Berlin at the beginning of a virtual air transport conference with transport ministers from other EU countries and leading representatives of the industry. He also pointed out that the EU health ministers had agreed on tests for holidaymakers returning from corona risk areas at airports.

Scheuer also warned against a “sell-out” of European airlines. After the drop in passenger numbers, politicians must help. “We have to take care of aviation – the companies, the jobs and the passengers,” said the minister. It is not just about health protection, but also about survival in competition – and thus about innovations for fuel-efficient aircraft.

According to Scheuer, the EU ministerial round is also about resolutions so that take-off and landing rights do not expire and the airlines can continue operations at their pre-Corona level in the medium term. The industry is also calling for a temporary suspension of rules for take-off and landing rights to be extended at EU level. This is about the so-called 80/20 rule. After that, take-off and landing rights (slots) at European airports expire if they are not used 80 percent of the time during the season as provided in the flight plan.