Expert: People are not machines, but don’t work

Robotization continues rapidly, pesto is the main engine of stle lovk companies. lovk, who vnm and ct as nm wte f f advice. Should we get used to the machine and get rid of emotions? And which emotions are in common and which are unacceptable? Tom Poucha, director of the Institute of Internal Communication, fell in love.

The Dalai Lama said that there are only three basic emotions. They are negative – fear, anger and sadness. And the only positive thing is joy or happiness. Positive emotions are rare, but that’s what happens in working life.

Positive emotions create a work environment, keep satisfied employees, are the engine of the company and usually have a completely fundamental impact on the results. And I don’t mean it just like a frzi. I’m talking about the real connection to business results, which the family only gets when people work and are satisfied with it. Therefore, I accept the simple managerial rule that you should receive praise for each head wash.

Chvlit se vyplat

Surveys we conducted in collaboration with the research agency Ipsos showed that if an employee shuddered at least a cut for the MSc, it is likely that he will speak nicely to his employer and recommend it to others. And so there is a strong chance that he will remain in the company for at least one next year, compared to someone who does not receive praise, or will only receive it really.

For many managers, it will be surprising that praise has the same effect in this regard as pensions – with the difference that it costs nothing. Respectively, it’s worth pushing a manager, because you don’t rush into the moment. We found that 45% of Czech employees were not praised for the whole year. This is extremely high. For the sake of interest: the most popular are employees in restaurants, the least in production. Office positions are somewhere in the middle.

Pro is it so tk?

As it is possible, it is generally believed that when raising a dog, it must not be used. Because when you will be on it just a kiet, for example in the moment when it starts to weave on someone, it will think that you weave with it. Dogs have to take a moment to learn and stick to it, but it’s obviously not about people.

Last year, the Harvard Business Review sought an answer to the question of what a Brno manager would give positive feedback to his people. In his research on a sample of 7,631, the manager found that 44% of them had unpleasant physical manifestations – feeling, heart beating or feeling sick – before meetings where they are supposed to give feedback. Therefore, they prefer to avoid feedback first.

It is also interesting that as an effective perception, it mainly gives negative feedback, when the forest warns of shortcomings. At the same time, the employees themselves are in the right place, which is confirmed by our team.

Zachrn zamstnance ensk element?

Of course, it is not possible to throw all companies into one bag. According to my experience, women in this position are significantly better off. Usually, you have an EQ, you can control empathy, and be able to read who it is, how to deal with which employees. This is not the rule of one meter for all.

It is very easy to read that they are performance-oriented employees and are relationship-oriented employees. After the first ones, you can stomp a lot of work at work, because it will last a lot more. Again, you have to be very careful with the second group of employees.

But be careful. I do not mean that he should be with a friend, he is not sunny. Everything went for business, for profit. If not, if an error occurs, you need to bang on the table. This is also the motto of a good fa. If the criticism is justified (and be very careful, there is nothing hot but bad), the employees will take it. Nkte it i oekvaj and need.

It is not for nothing that the people are like olives – the best of them come out under pressure. For a lot of managers, stress and pressure are the biggest motivation. Need it and it’s all over, because it can have a negative effect on someone.

Pl is a mistake on both sides

In essence, however, these are not negative emotions as such. It’s not the same as ev, aggression or pl, ie emotions that I don’t think work. I don’t want to know that manaei should be non-emotional machines. On the contrary, a strong level of empathy is something that definitely helps in the work and pinches even the necessary balance to a functioning society. However, pl and jin are taken to the extreme by turning the emotions into work, and they are a mistake on both sides – the one who is scared, and the one who caught up with someone.

For the bottom of the day, there is no space in high positions requiring mature personalities who can control themselves and do not allow such situations to occur at all. I talked about this darkness with several top managers and they all agreed that they used to cry secretly at two times, but it was definitely not a situation where he would do anything. In principle, therefore, I think that if the manager is empathetic enough, she will not allow her people to get into such a tense situation and she will not even get herself to swallow tears in secret.

Crisis, frustration, nronj period or expulsion hit me. In order to find such states, it is necessary to give you priority. In Europe, therefore, you are still popular in high management positions. Not where the company can afford something like that. It is necessary to work with emotions and their manifestations in the long run. Aware of companies in our country as well.

This is reflected, among other things, in the involvement of a corporate psychologist, coach, mentor or hapinness manager. And although their role may go under the foundry, their importance is evident only as their presence in companies grows sharply. In the finale, the first companies will rejoice the most, in their darkness they will mature and mature personalities who perceive, support and complement each other. According to me, this is a basic recipe for every company.