For it pays to insure your own mistakes

Self-insurance is such a necessity these days, and most of us have less than one bond. But what about self-liability for a code caused by a person? Don’t remember that for many of us. And for the first time, the code for someone else can break down the family budget just as much as the code itself.

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If you heat a neighbor living under you, put a sign of alcohol in the shop, knock down another person on the piste and cause him or her injuries or a car accident, you are of course responsible for such a code. Compensation for weight codes, pain and other forms of compensation can then be achieved without the problem of hundreds of presses.

Those of you who do not feel like risking themselves in such a difficult situation and do not want to pay any compensation for the code caused for the rest of their lives, can easily be insured. In the case of insurance citizens, we usually distinguish between two main and most often offered by insurance companies the types of insurance liability for the code. They are:

Insurance for a code in ordinary civil life – the bond is agreed in the event of the first regulation stipulating the liability of the bondage for a code incurred by another in connection with the activity or relationship of the bond in ordinary civil life. Especially the operation of the household and its facilities, during recreation and deprivation, during recreational sports, codes caused by the owner and guardian of the animal, etc.

Insurance for property ownership and gossip The property is agreed upon in the event of the first regulation stipulating the liability of the insured or a person authorized for a code incurred by another in connection with the ownership or gossip of real estate and land.

The offer of insurance in the area of ​​insurance liability for the code in civil life and for the code of ownership and gossip of real estate is very wide and similar. It is usually offered as part of a connected household, a connected real estate or as a separate product.

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When agreeing on insurance responsibilities within the insurance household, all members of the household, including children, are covered by this insurance. Because insurance risks are quite diverse, it is important to know before concluding the contract what the insurance tax actually applies to. The areas of insurance liability, as defined by individual insurance companies, are very similar to each other, but of course there are differences. It is also important to know to which code the code applies, or even here it is not offered to connect uniformly. In general, insurance companies offer more options when choosing insurance policies, and according to that, there is, of course, also insurance premiums.

It is now possible to look at the table with a string of offers of individual associations in the field of insurance liability in civil life. The overview includes insurance companies, for which it is possible to agree on insurance responsibilities without the need to agree on further insurance.

Pojiovna Limit plnn (tis.K) Dinner rum (K)
to healthy on the property jin (finann)






2 000



1 200

5 000

1 000


1 800


2 000

1 000



4 000

2 000



6 000

3 000

1 000

1 100


2 000

1 000




2 500

1 500



Source: information links

As with other products, it is good to find out about the various and very likely inclusions from the insurance benefit. What I can pay at one insurance company, I can refuse to pay at another insurance company.

In general, insurance liability (as with other types of insurance) does not apply to mentally caused codes and codes caused by gross negligence. According to the codes caused in connection with the activity, in which the first regulation imposes the obligation to conclude insurance liability for the code, codes on debited items and can not be compensated for insurance events caused to your spouse, siblings or relatives in the company or persons with a connection in the company . Reimbursement of foreign codes refers only to the destruction or damage of things, and not to its loss or movement.

When the code of three persons is caused, the insurance is fully paid only in case of damage.

Do not leave your wallet open by accident

As well as property insurance, the insurance liability for codes in ordinary civil life is important. Be assured that even on the day when most of the citizens are aware of their first, he will apply his first. Don’t you want to pay for life-threatening damage? Bute sensibly and make sure you pay off in it!

It is definitely up to each person interested in this to think about how the accident threatens him in his particular surroundings. It should take into account all the conditions in which it moves, as well as the activities in which it is practically engaged (sports, etc.) and cause code within them. Only then should you decide how much insurance benefits under the insurance contract require, what is understandably a reflection in the price of insurance.

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Do not want to take risks, so agree on insurance responsibilities, or do you think that a similar product is for everyone? Drink nm, dark on your ideas and experiences.


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