From sttnho ednka the owner of the cafe

Being spnm and prosperous at the time is the dream of every entrepreneur. But we often find out how the pros and cons take the pin with you and during practice. The co-owner of the café John and George Caf at the Kamp crack, Tom lay down, started his business from day to day.

Káva - Mafia Capuchin

What vs pimlo to business?

I joined the business and when I was built for a long time before I was busy in the public sector from day to day.

Thanks to the field I graduated, I was offered a job in the field of environmental consulting. Since I was always close to a large text, I started the book with advertising slogans in the agency.

The biggest driving force for me to start doing something was the fact that, for personal prestige, I wanted to stand on my own two feet as quickly as possible. I did not have a problem with access to the private sphere, or I conceived it in my position as a managerial manager. I also worked in the public hours, when the entrepreneur came for various permits from my field of hygiene and the environment. When needed, you due to changes in the ground rate, if we are on the ad and on the weekend. I once said, “Politics will never live for me!” I tried to get my business to do politics.
I never wanted a “pub”, but for pleasure.

S m, according to vs, should you be a hiring entrepreneur?
The big advantage is if they can zat with the chapter. You have to deal with the fact that it will take me several years to start. If you start from scratch, you take the line, sometimes to pay regularly, two pensions for advertising, to employ people. This is sometimes a solution: aj Starting entrepreneurs should have a very long time for how much their chosen business activity in the tax market is, they should get acquainted not only with the competition, but also with the location in which they would like to start a business, if there is enough purchase for the range or services offered in a given location. The business system is then a member of advertising, reasonable price and many other aspects that will bring them satisfied customers, clients.

When a hunter wants to give joy, he must be evil. I am vdn, e mm that important gift of time to decide and negotiate diplomatically. Szm on correctness. Payment leather – what I order, what I agree, I will always fulfill even at the cost of large losses – even if I have to think about it, incl. When I order something, I have to know that it is mm. I don’t recognize the type: “I can’t pay because I didn’t get paid.”
There are people who start a business, but do not intend to work capitalistically, only capitalistically. And that cannot work.

Who needs to give up?

Free time, vacation. You need to set priorities. It is important to reinvest, ie to put as much money back into the business as possible, the minimum profit for your own needs. It is a great advantage if the family at least gets involved in running the company.

It is therefore appropriate to choose a tenant for starting a business. It is also possible to rent premises from private individuals, it is far more suitable to find interesting in the public, public sector. That’s why I chose Maltzsk engravers for my cafe as a tenant, who have a very sunny relationship with them and in what we agree, both sides work for a very long time.

aby vm nesrazilo vaz

When will oekvan spch appear, according to vs?

This is tk in advance to estimate. Even short-term business thanks to the time of the chosen interesting product can be effective in a short time horizon. On the other hand, even long-term business does not have to be always after years of success.

The entrepreneur changes according to whether he works for people, whether he gets along correctly with his business partners. If he has ten million or a hundred – no one will carry or drink anything. And in the city of Bavork ten Lamborghini, it does not play such a role.