GDL goes into arbitration proceedings with Deutsche Bahn with high demands

Deutsche Bahn wants to reduce personnel costs because of the Corona crisis, the train drivers’ union GDL is opposed to it. The peace obligation still applies, but that could soon be over.

he Deutsche Bahn and the Union of German Locomotive Drivers (GDL) will meet in Berlin on October 22nd, 2020 for the first talks in the current arbitration process.

Mith calls for 4.8 percent more wages, the German Locomotive Drivers Union (GDL) entered into arbitration with Deutsche Bahn on Thursday. “We are firmly convinced that our colleagues deserve more than clapping balconies and, in the end, recurring fairy tales from management that everything will get better,” said GDL boss Claus Weselsky in Berlin. Both sides met there in the morning to negotiate how to deal with the losses from the Corona crisis. The railway wants to dampen the rise in personnel costs because income has slumped massively in recent months.

The GDL is calling for a special collective agreement for the consequences of the corona crisis. This should also include a one-off payment of 1,300 euros for the employees, as recognition for the performance of the employees during the crisis. In addition, Weselsky demanded “that all managers of the Deutsche Bahn AG group waive their bonuses for three years”. The contract should have a term of one year.

The current collective agreement expires in February. Until then, the peace obligation applies – even if the stratification procedure fails, which is initially supposed to last three weeks. “In the next few weeks we are expecting constructive negotiations to agree on a solution with the GDL for a contribution to coping with the corona damage,” said Bahn Personnel Director Martin Seiler recently. The arbitration procedure is therefore “not about an early regular collective bargaining round, but about a special situation caused by Corona”.