He bought it for a hundred thousand, prod for two million. When to pay off car investments

Interest in historic or unique vehicles has been growing recently. It is an alternative investment, which usually complements the classic portfolio of the investor. The bottom line is that the owner is my ut. And sometimes really a lot to spend. You as the seller of star Lady Niva from 1979.

Ladu Nivuk was bought by Francois Jeanson less than ten years ago. And he adjusted it so that he could seduce him in the famous Pa – Dakar Rally. Natra was specially modified by Lada in 1981. The bag did not arrive. Jeanson then had it in Gari and until 2009. Then he sold it. Vz was then auctioned for 4,600 euros, ie less than 120 thousand crowns.

The new owner took the garage to its original condition and now, after nine years, offers it for sale by auction with RM Sothebys. She deals with the sale of unique cars for the first time. The offer includes, among other things, a number of cars owned by famous personalities of cultural and sports life, or cars to which some interesting ones are connected. Both vehicles increase in value.

Lada Niva will go to auction in London for the first day, 5. z. This time it will be eaten many times by you. The auction assumes that it will be auctioned for 50 and 75 thousand British pounds, which is 1,400,000 and 2,130,000 crowns. For sellers, this is an out-of-value investment.

Ferarri za 50 million

As the total investment changes, customers are looking for customers to complement their portfolios and those they can consider. These are mainly real estate, art or first classic cars. Real estate potential is used by mobile clients, while in the case of classic cars the investment will cost you two hundred thousand crowns. Climb me into high heels and hundreds of millions, to Petr Dufek, an analyst at SOB.

It is generally believed that old cars of premium brands after the bottom of the price, which comes between twelve and thirty years after production, are slowly beginning to pick up value.

For example, the company Mototechna Classic, which deals with the sale of investment cars, will now offer customers Ferrari Enzo, which produced only 400 pieces and its price will be 50 million crowns. Such cars practically do not drive on the roads, or just completely stunned. Their owner puts money into them, as their price can increase significantly over time, adds Petr Dufek.

Mototechna Classic has traded almost fifty cars since its new launch, and several completely unique cars have been added to its portfolio. It is worth mentioning the Jaguar XK 120 Alloy Roadster, which was produced in only 242 pieces with a price exceeding 8.5 million crowns.

Buying a car should be a great expert

According to Jan Lener, Director of Communications at Broker Consulting, investing in wind and other unique vehicles is not unusual for them, but it cannot be recommended to anyone. It is important that the investor is a true expert and knows which models are suitable for investment and their price has some probability to rise. And badly on the condition of the economy as a whole. During the crisis in 2008 and 2009, wind prices also fell for you, Lener points out.

Martin Hoice from the company Scuderia Praha, which represents the Ferrari and Maserati brands in our country, and in my offer of windmills, I have been talking about a strong image of investors and enthusiasts recently. In general, in recent years, the interest in old cars has increased significantly, especially youngtimers, ie cars made in the 80s and 90s. This is also related to your purchasing power with us, in addition, these cars are easier to drive, unlike these cars. The owner can take them more and more often. And so did the number of events with us, including the example of hundredth rallies, to Martin Hoice.

As far as expensive collector’s items are concerned, according to Hoice, the plus or minus volume is the same, as there are generally many smaller groups of people who can reach such an appearance.

How to know which car will be a treasure?

However, it confirms that, like other alternative investments, it does not always pay off in a car. But when it was not so sharp, respectively, the price was appreciated, but not to the original values. Then there are models, their price is steadily rising, although for each model, depending on the circumstances at a different pace, to experts.

In general, you have to keep in mind that the models from the current production, which produced several thousand, do not have such a growth potential.

It depends a lot on demand and supply, according to md, for a while cars and design from the 80’s are popular, for some time not so much. flight as in limited editions or models, which were produced or preserved only a small piece. However, even with this type, there is a presumption of growth, but for a long time and not in such a way, adds Martin Hoice.

And who most often buys cars on the tracks? We have a lot of customers from abroad, very often they are an intermediary for the end client, we also don’t know about the fate of the car. Most of our customers do not trade in cars, take care of them, but do not be afraid to take him out for a trip or an event. Even so, they see their role as an investment in the future. But there are also those who have a boost as an investment and practically do not travel with it all the time, adds Hoice.

The performance of the car is monitored by a special index

The market began to adapt to the demand for alternative investments. In 2010, the German bank Sdwestbank introduced the OTX index of classic cars. This compares the performance of a car produced in another Germany with other forms of investment. The index includes 20 model car manufacturers in Bdensk-Württemberg, Bavaria and other Hesse. The calculation is based, among other things, on the evaluation of the price data of the renowned professional magazine Motor Klassik. Sdwestbank set the potential value of the index at 100 points, on January 1, 2018 the index was 403 points.

People who do not have the pension to buy a car pearl can ask for investment fund funds that focus first on investing in unique cars. There are only about two of us working abroad, according to experts.