He designs perks that have a shower abroad. eku inspires Prague

Her collection of gold perks called Eye To The Soul won gold in the ADesign Award & Competition. Daniela succeeded Komat as the first Czech. Patriotka from Podbaba lives on the road between Prague and Blehrad, who was introduced to her husband. On the City Life magazine.

Daniela originally came up with the design of the gemstone perk thanks to her husband, who works as a gemologist with gemstones. Sometimes I designed models for him that were missing in his collections. Thanks to that, I gained a lot of practical experience, I remember the arrests of the designer.

Gold, stone and pearls are made of atypical extravagant pieces, which are not so common in this price category of material. I design for lovers of design, but also for those who are bored with the mass production of world brands. Of course, I am equally flattered when, among other things, the ring takes its place next to the ring of well-known characters, I do not deny it, to the author.

Family honey

Daniela Komat’s family, originally Krkorov, has always worked with expensive raw materials. perks can then be passed down from generation to generation. Precious stones and real pearls, which are the main element in my collections, do not send gold or gold for their value. In addition to platinum and palladium, of course, notes the perkaka. And last but not least, there is a small designer who keeps his collection only of gold. This makes my characters stand out from the crowd.

The young designer gradually penetrates the international market, where she builds a strong name. It moves mainly between Prague and Blehrad. During her stay, she is a patriot of the Podbaba district. Although it is basically a periphery, it has a great location and accessibility. I’m in the center in a full hour, a hint of benefits. He also considers green, for which Prague 6 is known. Let’s live near the Vltava, which intersects just below them. According to the river, I will get directly to Stromovka with a rough walk.

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She was born and raised in the vicinity of the popular district. Therefore, he prefers to give the city, which already knows his childhood, to Komat. Atmosphere Podbaby, of course, inspires her work. From the two rooms, which is also a working room, you have a view of the Settlement of the Union of Czechoslovak Hands on the nearby hill Baba. It is a unique functionalist villa fortress, which was built firmly in the first half of the thirties.

the certainty and elicitance of the style of that time, it is something that deep down in myself that I recognize and admire, adds Daniel. Towards the villas of the fortress, which inspires his art, she would also go out with her, she would like to show her living in the best light.


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I would take them for ice cream at Hanspaulka, at the Na star fae pub, which was there during my childhood. We would continue to the church of St. Matthew and finally we would go to the ruins of the summer house Na Bab, the patriot fills.

He got to Blehrad about ten years ago with a man who is originally from Serbia. Prague is definitely a nice and architecturally interesting city, but Belgrade abounds in an unforgettable atmosphere and energy, describes the designer, for whom it has grown to the heart of the city.

The first thing that attracted me to Blehrad as a car driver is the excellent accessibility to all cities. You will practically not get traffic jams there, and when it starts to thicken on the roads, a policeman will immediately appear, who will start traffic. In addition, she chose a similar city to live, such as Podbaba or Hanspaulka. A quiet fortress with lots of greenery is something I look for, and I live anywhere, adds Daniel Komat.