He exchanged Kopaks for buses. In the business is a football player Steiner spn

The green color is probably judged by him. Pavel Steiner spent fifteen years on the football field. Today, his company Umbrella operates a dark green FlixBus bus. A da se mu.

You can make millions and spend them just as fast. Only when professional footballers end up working abroad, they suddenly don’t know what to do with their lives. Brank Pavel Steiner is an exception who succeeded in football and business, although it was not easy.

When I finished in 2003, it was very ok. Two of them took care of someone and suddenly everything was up to me, I had to take the phone, the bank, learn to work with the computer. I didn’t know anything at all, piznv.

Was it so big a change?I went out into the world in 1992, when there were no mobile phones or the Internet. My peers could compare with the development of technology and the development of society, but he returned to civilization in the autumn of 2003. Everything was different and it was also used as a child. The reality is terrible for a professional athlete.

Nauila vs foreigners something you can do in business?First of all, languages ​​are absolutely obsolete. In Germany, I was accustomed to pride, drill and diligence, punctuality and discipline, but on the other hand I had to learn to improvise to peer. Football also gave me physical and mental resilience, the ability to handle crisis moments, perseverance. Just don’t be afraid. If it weren’t for football, I wouldn’t succeed in business.

Doing business in bus transport, at least not, does not look like business for kehk nature.He did not deal with buses, but with limousines for corporate clients. And there I got into the middle of a taxi.

To nen snadn zatek.I’m used to being able to stand up and fight, because I’m an ordinary boy from Poumav, but I have to honor that one of the taxis I can drive everything hardened and trained. Arrange with them and the pet was a big wheel.

When did you manage to make the arrests between the taxis, then you went to the buses?Vte, limousines are very seasonal. It starts around 10 a.m. on December 15th and starts again from January 10th to Easter. Then thirteen days nothing and again it will be until July 10th. And then you are de facto dead. It’s nice to drive Angelina Jolie, Richard Gera or Barack Obama’s co-worker in a car, but I won’t buy her or my rolls for that.

Do buses have seasonality?There is also a bus, but with a strong partner, the line transport is suitable for me to be able to fulfill my bundles all year round and go somewhere. But when I drink, they tell them how much their celoron will be receiving, not how much they earn per MSc.

Pro?In order to remember in times of abundance, there will be a lot of work in the winter. That is why it is necessary to agree with FlixBus on how much work we will have in lt and how to cover the winter.

Is there a lot to get a good bus idea today?I feel that they are etched zhkan. What all we have to do to make our nai ofi honor well, you can’t imagine. And then they come to them anyway and say that they are going elsewhere, where they can do everything.

How do u vs conditions?He goes on domestic lines, has a gross salary of 59,400 crowns and has enough food. Also, as a result, he has about 35 thousand, which is 1,400 euros for sure. In the morning the morning goes to seven and the house in three, at eight o’clock it is nine o’clock. If I had to go somewhere today, I would immediately get a job as an idiot.

Ale to pece pod mete, idik na to mte.I also go to get my head behind the wheel, turn off the phone and go.

Came?The last time I went on the D1 to Brno and it was a big boil. Or I worked as a reinforcement to Karlovy Vary during the festival. It’s nice because suddenly you’re among other people and you hear other information.

Listen and be inspired by what to change, improve, do differently?Of course. ofr for me has always been and is the same hunter and we have a long service for him.

See, she also thought it was the same for all passengers.Of course, just to be satisfied with the passenger, he must first be satisfied with the ride. When he doesn’t go well, the first person to know is the traveler. He knows it about the way he rides, the breeding, the service, the clothes. Rozarn always takes the pasar first first. And what’s going on? em mlo penz, em patn or pinav autobus. Therefore, feedback is important for me.

Your buses run for a year under the FlixBus sign in the Czech Republic. Remember the arrests?Well, that was really awful. The passengers were standing on the bottom, wandering, it was full. It took two weeks, but that’s normal.

How was it when you had to face so many problems?Ds, I didn’t sleep. But he expected it, I pointed it out in advance. It always takes about a thirteen days, no one will run routes, find out how to go where, get to know the objects. They also went to Krumlov, grabbed a roof, went to Brno, tore the roof to Smchov. Piel nov ofr, drove to Pilsen and catch him driving on the D1.

Only when someone gets on the bus, they just want to get to the cell.Sure, and so the crack broke out, the newspapers called and repeated them over and over: Give them two weeks. Every new line will have a problem for a while. That’s not an excuse, that’s a fact.

When FlixBus appeared on Czech links, Radim Janura was a lot to hear.I get it. I admire him for what he did. But when they started, they also had problems, but it seemed to be forgotten. Also m regretted that to us so li. That was about the green German occupiers.

You are originally a train driver. Nelk vs jt ve lpjch Radim Janura and try to send green locomotives to the tracks?J received a super drek from Radim for his birthday: he went on his locomotive from Prague to Brno. In fact, I don’t have peppers for electric locomotives, only for diesels and they are forfeited. Trains would be silent, only the bus business so swallowed me, and in connection with FlixBus I see such a potential that I am convinced that we can make a difference to the world.

Also you only stay at buses and European routes?We have the Umbrella Nordic division, which travels in Scandinavia, in Germany we have Umbrella Deutschland, of course the Umbrella Czech Republic, and there is also an Umbrella for the entrance Europe. And it’s no secret that we have Umbrella based in the United States. And with FlixBus born in California, where we drive, to Florida, then we would like to run buses there as well.

And what about the captain’s and pilot’s license and something like airlines?Yachts are a big hobby, so we rent yachts and leave for a long time. A mm reserved Umbrella Air, because it can be a helicopter to the right or private jet. But there will definitely be nothing out of the breath of plates and hundreds. That would be such a test for bus.