How children can save you a quarter of a million to start your life

It is not such a problem for children to start a balcony, which will cost them more than just a holiday. It is up to you to choose financial products commensurate with how long you want to save them in order to achieve maximum value.

Renata (31 years old) and Marek (36 years old) Horka and her two daughters, Klra (12 years old) and Eva (2 years old) in a family house on the outskirts of the regional town. Renata works in a real estate agency and her net income is around 20,000 K. Marek is a production director in a medium-sized company with a net income of 80,000 K.

Gradually we will look into families with different incomes, lifestyles and views on savings and investment. We need a series in which we advise specific families how to deal with the financial situation.

Thanks to the very above-standard pjmm, the family does not have financial resources. The mortgage for the house is largely repaid, both spouses are as efficiently effective as they can maintain the standard of living in retirement. The whole family is adequately insured against various risks and risks. The last unfinished question is therefore a savings for children.

Renata and Mark are aware of the need to create financial reserves that children could spend in the future to study or live. The two daughters would like to add 300,000 K to their 18th birthday, and set aside 5,000 K msn for this.

It follows that it is necessary to create sufficient financial reserves within five six years, so then within the horizon of six years.

Hints and tips

  • Building savings is a very effective computing tool over its six-year horizon. However, the connection time is longer, the more this efficiency decreases.
  • Although the children’s investment is not in comparison with e.g. mutual funds are always the most profitable (the fees of insurance companies and the insurance premium are included in the risk components), but as one of the small products it is able to protect children’s disputes even in the event of death or full disability of the parent.
  • The two uses of the classic children’s connection with a guaranteed amount for life are generally less effective (often not even inflation) and today it is a better product.

Klra gets the capital from the building societyUnder certain conditions, it can be a regular tool for the appreciation of pensions and for financial housing building savings. Children and adolescents who have reached the age of majority can also have their contract. Pensions invested in a building society contract are valued for a predetermined year each year, which is usually around 2%. If we move to the six-year time horizon, we will secure the appropriate support, thus, with very low risks, income and 7% ron.

In this case, it is not known to use the funds beforehand, so we recommend concluding an agreed amount of 160,000 K when concluding the contract, which will lead to a dispute over the entry fee. The specific one will then be as follows:

Two contracts on a building society will be established, each with a capacity of 1670 K. One contract will be written in Klru, the other in one of the families.

After six years, the situation will look as follows (both contracts in total): Total: 244 080 K
Input: 15,272 K.
Sttn support: 36 000 K
Income from state aid: 2 604 K
Total sum: 290 388 K

Eva gets more from the fund and insurance

For Eva, the situation is a bit complicated, due to the long time horizon. Although you will not be able to connect such a large socket as with the Klra, the bag will also find a suitable tool for connection. The building society is losing its efficiency in a part of not more than a century. The reason is simple: the main advantage of building savings is 15% of the support from the local part of the city, the year itself is very low, 2 – 2.2%. And the first support, which is mainly valued in the case of building societies, loses its efficiency in the long run.

In this case, it is possible to design a combination of an open-end mutual fund and an investment life insurance (according to IP only). It is best to choose, of course, such a child’s IP, which contains the so-called insurance policy in the event of death or full disability insurance policy, ie a new birth.

In order to keep the back, the remaining 1660 K msn for the enhanced means for the Eve for a period of four years. If we use the building coupler again, we will cost about 420,000 K and it will cost 327,000 K. If we start in a different combination of funds and IP, the total amount of US will cost 204,000, ie a total of 123,000 crowns.

More specifically, it is possible to look at what such a combination will look like. Given that the set strategy for IP is 80% for the action, 20% for the bond, we recommend choosing one of the real estate funds, we should ensure the diversification of the entire program. In addition, it prevents the so-called correlation or parrot. This means that if there are corrections in the stock markets, this correction may not affect our entire investment, because stocks, bonds and real estate may not always respond in the same way.

Rozloen combination:

  • 800 K msn – oteven podlov fond
  • 900 K msn – investin ivotn pojitn

After 10 years of regular storage of these funds, there will be a self-financing effect in this program, when the capital deposited in the fund will finance IP for the remaining time.

After fourteen years, we have 170,000 K in the fund and 250,000 K in the IP. A total of 420,000 crowns. In combination, we calculated with the following evaluation: OPF 8.5%, IP 7%.

In infantry

  • Beware of the need to guarantee suitable building savings contracts

  • Reconstruction costs can be financed from the mortgage

  • Jak vybrat sprvn pojitn: nevte livm reklamm

  • Mortgage or building savings? You invite your own financial skills
  • Be careful with gradual refilling

1. Here is not a single mon, we could find and give monos.
2. Amounts are simplified for simplification and are not included in the time value of pensions.