How not to let the pension go out and give up the pension spoen

Every year, thousands of people ask what they will do with the pension they have saved in the pension supplement. Some will find immediate use for pensions, others do not know what to do with them. According to experts, the worst possibility is the pension is increased. It is better to subscribe to a type of bike savings.

Although the old pension supplement, in which you still have the pension of most of them, has replaced the new supplement of the pension savings, the main advantage of this savings and the better investment. Je jm sttn pspvek. It ranges from 90 crowns on a deposit of 300 crowns per msc to 230 crowns on a deposit of 1000 crowns per msc. This means that at a rate of 12,000 crowns, there is an additional 2,760 crowns per letter.

Spoen for retirement: sttn contribution and tax rebate
Own msn payment in K 100 300 500 800 1000 1500 2000 3000
Sttn msn pspvek v K 0 90 130 190 230 230 230 230

It is not better for people to stay in a pension or savings bank where nothing is happening with the pension, just lose value, it is better to take them and subscribe to, for example, a pension savings, to the financial advisor of Partners Jaroslav Gall.

This is confirmed by the talk of the Association of Pension Societies R Jan Sedlek: Let’s meet with darkness often. People even have a pension, but continue for a long time. The reason is that they do not want to transfer their pensions to the bank, where they do not value them in any way.

Compared to banks, the supplementary pension savings guarantee appreciation, support and a tax levy. Its prepaid can then be an option even for those who have free funds, but you don’t have to go to bed.

It is possible to prepay your pension savings for a period of five years, but also for a substantial period of time. Pensions without penalties can always be collected and saved after five years. Recipients can subscribe only to the amount they have first available and spread the rest into several installments for a period of five years. All pension funds offer the option of prepaying your supplementary pension fund.

How to set up a subscription

By prepaying your pension savings, you will be entitled to a stipend, provided you have paid a minimum amount. It is possible to get both a minimum of 90 and a maximum of 230 crowns per month, but also 130 crowns per month for a regular bow of more than 500 crowns per month, or 190 crowns for a regular bow of more than 800 crowns.

To this end, it is necessary to take into account the appreciation of the pension in the low percentage, and together with the permanent contribution we will get to the appreciation, which today the bank is not the client, explains Jaroslav Gall. In addition, the pensioner may choose a conservative, well-developed or dynamic investment strategy, or a combination thereof. The expected rate of evaluation for a conservative strategy is usually 0 and 2%, the rate of 2 and 4% and 4 and 6% of the rate for a dynamic strategy.

Valued by supplementary pension fund (in%)
Pension company 2015 2016 2017 2018 From zaloen
Allianz – dynamick fond 4,98 1,51 4,07 -6.86 8,04
Allianz Conservative Fund 1,22 -0,04 -1,63 0,30 2,59
Axa – vyven fond 2,02 4,48 -0,1 -4,24 7,46
Axa – conservative fund 0,59 0,02 -1,38 -0,84 1,51
Conseq – globln fond -0,08 10,81 9,96 -9,69 48,12
Conseq – conservative fund 0,51 0,09 -0,90 -0,98 0,71
esk pojiovna – dynamick fond -0,32 6,36 8,2 -9,13 9,94
esk pojiovna – conservative fund 0,97 -0,14 -0,3 -0,34 3,56
esk spoitelna – dynamick fond -1,04 7,42 8,2 -6,08 15,82
esk spoitelna – konzervativn fond 0,5 -0,05 -0,62 0,19 1,81
SOB – dynamick fond 7,66 5,36 5,53 -11,24 10,45
SOB conservative fund 1,35 0,00 -0,94 -0,83 3,20
KB – dynamick fond 1,6 0,87 7,51 -9,51 7,76
KB Conservative Fund 0,36 -0,15 -1,57 -0,83 -0,52
NN – rstov fond -11,53 9,35 14,04 -9,22 0,15
NN Conservative Fund 1,15 0,21 -1,93 -0,07 0,21
zdroj: APS R, vybran fondy

When choosing a strategy, it is wrong for how long the hunter will draw on the pension, how the other resources are saved, how his attitude to risk is. At the same time, it is true that the value of invested pensions can fluctuate and get into conflict.

Who does not like it, and choose a conservative investment strategy, or a combination of a conservative strategy with a developed one. This strategy will not bring him a high value, but I am almost certain that his investment will not fall into a high loss again, says Jaroslav Gall, noting that there are suitable financial products on the market today in supplementary pension funds (as well as in the old pension connection). , which guarantees the client a so – called positive zero, which means that the pension fund will not get into the red, and therefore into a loss.

The pension does not have to be taken care of by the owner for the whole period of five years, he will not be able to withdraw the pension without sanctions. Just watch the ron views. This is nothing short of repeating the obligation to send pensions to the fund on a regular basis. Through the fund, it has earned it to 4.4 million people in the Czech Republic, of which more than 1.1 million people in supplementary pension funds. In total, they have more than 457 billion crowns in pension funds. Those who receive a pension contribution from their employer have an advantage. Tch is dark one million. Spoen on the wall with a permanent contribution, but also gave benefits such as tax levies.

Daov vhody

If it offers people, as a low pension, an active opportunity to reach for it, with a permanent contribution, it also enters into the very form of the product. This is, for example, the regulation of fees and commissions associated with supplementary pension savings on the one hand, and tax levies on the other.

Paradoxically, in the latter case, I do not take the same meter. One year for the left tax levy, but from the savings of 1,001 per msc. Who pays 2000 crowns msn, I have a deduction from the base of 12,000 crowns and the tax of the dispute (15%) is 1,800 crowns.

The upper limit of the annual repayment is CZK 24,000 with a deposit of CZK 3,000 per month, and the client is required to pay CZK 3,600 to Jaroslav Gall.

Spoen for retirement: sttn contribution and tax rebate
Own msn payment in K 100 300 500 800 1000 1500 2000 3000
Sttn msn pspvek v K 0 90 130 190 230 230 230 230
Ron quite a bit on the data v K. 0 0 0 0 0 900 1800 3600
Total ron benefits in K 0 1080 1560 2280 2760 3660 4560 6360

Who speaks for me

According to Gall, even in this case, it is true that every left in the tax is good, in this case it is supplemented by a state contribution. According to him, provided that all the final conditions are met, the client can choose the combined stitch either the whole cut, or choose it in regular strokes and the frequency of retirement, or combine both variants. And even those who don’t make it, don’t have to worry about his pension dying. Pensions in supplementary pension funds are part of a child’s wife, or the client can appoint a person who will fall in the event of death.

This is not the case if you choose a life annuity and you die soon. You will not be able to use up your pensions and do not enter these pensions. If you get more than the average age, you are 76 years old, 82 years old, it pays off. But this is especially for those who want to talk or have a speech up there, conclude Jaroslav Gall.