How to arrange a suitable connection

Mr. Hruka is aware of the dangers of his vows and would like to protect his family from the financial consequences in the event that he causes any damage to his health. Rd would therefore arrange a suitable connection.

Accident, injury

The Hrukovch family (father 35 years old, mother 32 years old, children 4 and 6 years old) lived in a family house in the district town. The father works on a financial account and receives a salary of 16,000 K msn. Her mother works in a supermarket and her salary is 8,000 K.

About two years ago, my father, together with several friends, began recreational cyclocross recreation. He spent a few days, during which he got out with only a few small frames.

When choosing insurance products, it is important to try for so-called optimization pojitn, ie. choose such products that, with their price and scope, correspond to the real needs of the client. It is necessary to pay for the insured thing, it is not necessary. What can help me with optimization?

Upesujc otzky

First of all, the main risks need to be defined in more detail:

1. How many risks can arise and with what probability?
2. How can they have a negative impact on a family’s income and life?


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It is best when the client, with the help of a consultant, finds answers to the details of the question. A good proposal, especially for insured persons, should be based mainly on the subjective feelings so far about me and the extent of a certain risk, which he thinks could endanger him.

1. How many risks can arise and with what probability?

From the point of view of work activity, in addition to the common risk in transport to and from the employed person, the client is not at risk and therefore considers the probability of its occurrence to be low. The situation is similar in his non-working hours.

However, I am much more concerned about the many times in cyclocross, especially those whose consequences would prevent him from carrying out his employment for a long time or even permanently.

2. How many times can they have a negative impact on the family’s income and life?

Due to the fact that the father is an adult, he changes sometimes when he gets off the bike, e.g. type of wounds, uncomplicated fractures of limbs, etc. does not consider endangered their income. According to him, short-term incapacity for work at the age of two days will not have a significant negative impact on the lives of families.

In these times, this could lead to long-term incapacity for work (in the city), permanent consequences, pp. disability, and this would lead to a large decrease in the father’s income, e.g. and 40 to 50%. In such a situation, the family could have problems maintaining their standard of living and, in addition, they could incur high additional costs in connection with the health consequences of the father, such as. rehabilitation, surgery, etc., pp. and the need for some building rights in the house.

Rodie, with the assistance of a counselor, finally agreed that:

  • they would keep a relatively good standard of living if their total incomes do not fall below 22,000 K msn in the long run,
  • they will want to insure only the father’s external times, their consequences in a long-term way to reduce his income by 30 and more%
  • from the paid insurance indemnity they would like to be able to draw a difference in this required life equal (ie min. 2,800 K msn) for a period of at least 3 years, ie a total of min. approx. 100,000 K.

Tchto 100 000 K ovem neme bt insurance, or the fulfillment of the total amount would occur only in the case of damaged health in the range of 100% according to the valuation tables of the insured. You have to realize that your father’s income is reduced by e.g. The mentioned 30% can also be caused by times, which will lead to damage to health of a much smaller extent, e.g. 25% etc.

Nvrh a

When determining the appropriate insurance policy for the lasting consequences of the accident, we must therefore assume that the stated 100,000 K must be paid by the insurance company in case of health damage in the range of about 25% according to the valuation tables and the so-called basic insurance therefore, it will be about 400,000 K. Due to the fact that the client is exposed to the risk of abruption during cyclocross, we would recommend going this way, for example. at 500,000 K.

We would recommend to arrange razov pojitn with the so-called progressive filling. This means that if there was a health damage of less than 25%, the client would receive several times in full. The couplers use different models to set the progress of the full, but just to illustrate, we give an example of one of them:

  • in the case of 30% health damage, the client would receive 240,000 K, respectively. 300,000 K (ie 30% of twice the basic insurance policy)
  • in the case of 100% damaged health, the client would receive 1,600,000 K, respectively. 2,000,000 K (ie 100% of a multiple of the basic insurance)

The insurance of permanent consequences of a time can be arranged both separately and as a connection example to life insurance. For the idea of ​​the price of a single insurance for our client, we will mention here an example of an unnamed insurance company, which offers this insurance as a completely independent negotiable. Ron insurancewould be around 1,300 K, resp. 1600 K.


Here is not a single mon, we could find and give monos. The first eenm would be to carry out an extensive analysis for the whole family, which goes beyond the space and possibilities of this article.

As we have stated, the team around the insured person depends on the personal feelings and fears of the client from the emergence of some risk of the event, which would have negative financial consequences for the required life level. To avoid paying for insurance, it is not necessary to always answer at least two of the following questions. A quality insurance risk analysis involves you going a bit further, with more details and a good advisor should be able to set up a comprehensive insurance program exactly according to your specific situation.


1. Swatches are rounded for simplicity.
2. The entire case shall be dealt with only in the event of permanent consequences of the imprint without any further connection.

Hints and tips:

  • The supply of products and their prices for individual connections and differences can be very significant in some cases.
  • It is good to have everything put forward for yourself and only then to make a decision. We recommend that you use the services of the best such consultant who does not depend on one specific connection, represents more of them and is thus able to provide you with several options for selection at once.
  • Any approach and attempts to simply sell some insurance should pay close attention. Do not let yourself be manipulated into it without a thorough analysis of your own needs and needs.

When the breadwinner does not have insurance, it is somewhat irresponsible. On the contrary, for many people, to whom agents impose it, it is redundant. For whom is the throw and how much will it be? tte v aktulnm tmatu HERE.


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