How to bring your dusty depot back to a shine

Do you have an outdated share portfolio at your house bank and are you paying high administrative costs? Our financial expert will explain to you in seven steps how to invest your securities in a timely manner.

Lean back and watch wealth grow?  All you need is capital, courage and access to a direct bank custody account.

II got mail from a lawyer and a judge, who in turn received mail from their banks: blue letters. In it, the institutes threatened the spouses to terminate their “friendship” because there was no longer enough money to be made with deposits in the six-figure range. It should be a million, the banks noted in their letters, and if the lawyers do not reload immediately and without delay, then they will have to part ways at the end of the year. That’s nice, such a message after years, and even at these temperatures, isn’t it?

Today, however, I don’t want to be angry with the banks, but rather with the two investors. In my opinion, nothing better could have happened to both of them, because the depots are an imposition, if you allow me to do this. The bonds and stocks no longer correspond to the risk profile of the investors at all, and the annual fees of 2 percent per portfolio are, with all due respect, a cheek. The two lawyers feel differently. They are only 100 years young, but at 51 and 49 they feel too old to take care of their depots themselves. Isn’t that a tragedy? If you, too, have recently received this kind of mail, but you haven’t counted yourself down to the scrap heap, then I want to show you seven steps how you can bring dusty depots back to a shine.