How to choose the maturity of the mortgage vru

Manel Dlouz decided to secure financial reconstruction of the family house and the purchase of a car and choose the most suitable mortgage maturity period with regard to the future full of young families. In particular, they are worried about the period when Veronika will be allowed to go to maternity and I will dream of them. How much to pay per year?


Veronika (24 years old) and Michal (25 years old) Dlouz have been a manel for only a year. From Veronica’s parents, they received a grandmother’s house with a beautiful garden as a wedding gift, but in poor condition. Michal works as a technician on a farm in the village and earns 16,000 K and Veronika as an ethnic 10,000 K istho msn.

This year, they decided to build a house as a whole, because they would be happy if their family grew by 2 children in 4 and 5 years. Living with Michal’s parents does not suit her today. They had the project and budget prepared and found out that they would need 2 million CZK if they had the reconstruction carried out as a supplier for the key. Michal believes that the work would be done by self-help and with the help of family and friends and the team could save 300 thousand crowns.

For now, they are debt-free, but they do not have the dark cash available, because for the pensions they received from Michal’s parents, they shared a well-equipped current household. To their complete satisfaction, they drive their own car bugs, which becomes a necessity as soon as the children come. He lived in a small village where there were no bicycles. When looking for a suitable loan, they are interested in the offer of mortgages, but they cannot decide how much to borrow and which to choose the maturity of the loan.

General principles

Hints and tips

Finann is cheaper to draw a mortgage at 100% of the property price, even if this is at a one-year rate. Even a large amount of money will often be able to achieve the return on your investment, not how much more you pay for you and your mortgage.

Salary rule – m del mortgage, tm lep. Even the difference in the installment has a long time (20 – 40 years) of investment wonders (according to the discipline of investment, the difference in the installment must not be spent).

They are unsuitable in the list for a very conservative individual, where it is not possible to achieve a good return on investment.

Be aware that there is always a risk of reimbursement for your returns. There is no exception to this rule.

Manel Dlouz have a number of options for driving a car. They can buy both new and old cars for leasing, or for elov vr. However, this type of used car could endanger their primary death, namely the reconstruction of the house. The payment and leasing will be included in the necessary expenses of the family and this would be a problem due to the total income of Long.

Therefore, let’s choose non-traditional sources for the car. We will use Michal’s skills and the fact that when drawing a mortgage, it is not necessary to prove the use of 20% of the total in the heat. That is in our case and 400 thousand crowns. These pensions are then mon pout for virtually anything. Therefore, we recommend choosing 2 mil. K. Then it will only fly to Michal and his friends how much they can help in the reconstruction.

According to that, we need to choose the maturity period of the company. The general salary has a longer maturity, although the installment is less, but you have years to pay. However, this is a very simplified view. Let us leave aside the fact that for Dlouh, given Veronika’s departure on maternity leave, the main criterion is in installments. The effort to pay as little as possible in the years is very different, and therefore the maturity dates of mortgages, incl.

How much “pay per year” is a completely inappropriate parameter in the long run. It does not take into account the time value of pensions. For the first comparison, we need to take into account the possibility of connection. It does not pay for long maturities, leaving the Long Monopoly difference in the installments of the savings. Spoen will lead to the fact that after the end of the fixation period, the rates will be able to decide whether to repay the fee or not. Manel Dlouz are young. So let’s compare two mortgage maturities. A mortgage for 30 years with a mortgage for 40 years, which a new mortgage bank has included in the world offer.

1. Even the poor have to invest
2. Share with bnmi incomes

propoty a

1st mortgage 2 million K for 30 years

– years rate 3.84% ron, msn installment would be 9 365 K. For the entire period paid manel 3 371 400 K, of which in years 1 337 400 K. Pi 12% tax Michal’s salary and provided the permanent ability to apply a tax deduction paid year, there will be a total income tax deduction in the amount of 160,488 K.

2nd mortgage 2 million K for 40 years

– years rate 3.84% ron, msn installment would be 8 161 K. For the entire period paid the manel 3 917 280 K, of which in the years 1 917 280 K. Pi 12% tax Michal’s salary and provided the permanent ability to apply a tax deduction paid year, there will be a total income tax credit in the amount of 230,074 K, which is reflected in the average dispute in the installment in the amount of 480 K. The amount after tax rebates will be 7,681 K.

The difference in the installment compared to the previous variant is 1,238 K. Dlouz can regularly invest these funds.

After 30 years, Manel Dlouz has repaid the mortgage in the first variant. In the second variant, they have a debt of more than 812 135 K. If they regularly invested in the difference in installments, they have at their disposal a medically valued dispute.

  • 4% – 851 250 K (ie by 39 115 K more than their debt)
  • 5% – 1,013,747 K (ie by 201,612 K more than their debt)
  • 6% – 1,212,659 K (ie by 400,524 K more than their debt)
  • 7% – CZK 1,456,518 (ie CZK 644,386 more than their debt)

When they want to repay the mortgage once, they can do so. There will be something left under them. The question of the suitability of variants is connected with whether and how long they can invest and how they will achieve the return.

Many people intuitively decide on short maturities, most often 20 years. This will be the basis for how much to pay per year and the basis for the difference in installments. The difference in spltkch is small, the years paid are large. Ala paradoxn m del hypotka, tm lep. Two nm more freedom. We have free resources that can be tied differently.

When we connect them, a financial reserve will be created in it, which we would not otherwise have. eu long mortgages let’s pay more in years, ns do not have to regret. On the one hand, we can deduct more from our taxes and most likely spend so much of our own resources. Even in terms of paid year and in terms of income, a long mortgage is cheaper.