How to keep an employee from taking a break from vacation

The pressure on efficiency, stress and nava are the main factors that make the retired employees return from vacation as tired as they ever went. According to Petra Gubkov from the company Up esk republika, it is about two aunts of people. And so I offer you advice on how to have an efficient and satisfied employee even in the autumn.

1.Part of the holiday is a deposit

According to the psychologist, it takes several days for the hunter to get used to the new regime and environment, especially if he travels to a distant destination and spends many hours on the road. Before the end of the holiday, he then mentally prepares again to return to work.

In order to get some rest during the holidays, it is therefore good for the employees to take a holiday of at least two weeks at least once a year. Only then will they have room to fill up the hearing.

2.And choose what you want

Holiday support was always one of the most important benefits among employees. In addition to the financial contribution, two employers contributed to the holiday with vouchers, which were used directly for recreation, or with vouchers for leisure activities.

Petra Gub

Petra Gubkov

To this day, the owners of cottages and recreational areas, which the employees could use with the strong contribution of the employer, are firm.

This zazen will satisfy only one hundred employees. No one wants to spend a holiday with his colleagues or every year in the same city. a number of employees are free to choose from an online offer.

3.Main and do not release the dui

For some professions, such as production and sales, it is clear that it will be necessary to replace the work with a colleague or temporary worker during their illness. Some work simply cannot be done.

But for managers or employees with specializations, these employees, in an effort to leave the same table, take a few nights before their vacation at work and urgently call and send everyone around just to be done.

Often go on vacation completely exhausted. I return to work tired, because they did not have time to relax enough during their free time. The hormone falls on a permitted disease. Therefore, if at all possible, the enthusiasm of such an employee should only check whether he issued urgent bikes and remained delegated to colleagues.

4.Don’t drink, don’t call

Thanks to modern technologies, which allow people to be online almost constantly, in case of any problem, it is the easiest way to contact the employee and get started quickly. But if an employee is to get out of leave, he needs to get away from work not only physically, but so mentally, he needs to switch off. Therefore, as an employer and an enthusiast, he will evaluate whether it is not possible to postpone one day, or delegate it to another colleague. Contact employees only when absolutely necessary.

5.The return is followed by a breath

It is not the case that an employee who breaks out on holiday on the first day demonstrates some heroic performance at work. Just as a hunter adapts to a new regime and space after leaving for vacation, it is also back to work. The first day at work should be more of a look, it is definitely not good to overwhelm the wheels and meetings immediately.

6.Disconnect m under

Companies should with the accumulation of stress and extra employees work daily. Look for new tools that will give my employees the question of lion and relaxation even during everyday life.

Especially in all companies, where there is a wide range of people with different phrases, the systems of so-called cafeterias, which respect the individual needs of employees, are still used for this purpose. At the same time, these systems can be used by HR managers to find out through short online surveys which benefits their employees prefer.