How unmarried couples should finance their own home

Wealth is the breeding ground for power struggles of all kinds. That is why it makes sense when investing in insurance and real estate, for example, to separate the financial from the private. An example.

Anyone who builds or buys a house together should regulate the financial situation like strangers do.

EDo you remember my column from September 10, 2019? At that time I asked you what the “correct” way of financing a home looks like in families that consist of a “full-time man” and a “part-time woman” and two children. In the hope that you have read benevolently over the blooms, I want to ask you the question again today – albeit with a different omen. It is about a doctor and a musician who are each 40 years old, live in a wild marriage and have two children who are four and two years old. The two academics come from solid parents, but the political and economic framework conditions are colorful and diverse, if I may put it that way.

The “yellow” woman has a deposit with papers worth 500,000 euros. She earns 10,000 euros a month and has no plans to quit her job. The “green” man has a home loan and savings contract and two savings books with a total value of 200,000 euros, which come from two inheritances. He holds half a position in the orchestra with a salary of 2500 euros per month and does not want to change anything in these circumstances, because raising children and saving the world are more important to him. These are difficult conditions, aren’t they? And what will you say when I tell you that the couple would like to buy a home that costs a million euros? Please do not roll your eyes now, but rather help clarify the question of who should pay for this.