In the scorching heat of Las Vegas, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded last summer. A three-month-old husky puppy was discovered trapped in an SUV outside the Bellagio casino. With temperatures soaring to a staggering 113 degrees, the dog’s mouth had been cruelly taped shut. This unfortunate situation could have turned fatal, but thanks to the swift response of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), this husky got a second chance at life. This heartwarming story revolves around the resilience of an innocent canine, now known as Duchess, who, against all odds, found her way into a loving and caring family’s arms.

The Desperate Cry for Help

On July 20th, the LVMPD received a distress call regarding a trapped husky in a sweltering car. The situation was dire; the puppy had been confined in the car for two excruciating hours while its owner was engrossed in the casino’s games. Inside the scorching vehicle, there was no respite, no food, and no water for the helpless animal. The dog’s fate hung in the balance, and time was running out.

A Heroic Rescue

Upon arrival, the LVMPD officers wasted no time. Bodycam footage captured the harrowing scene as they carefully extricated the distressed husky through the car’s sunroof. The dog was in a pitiable state, with saliva dripping from its mouth, struggling to breathe. The owner, Raul Carbajal, aged 50, was promptly detained for willful and cruel animal maltreatment, a crime that carries severe consequences.

A New Beginning for Duchess

While Duchess’s initial ordeal was a nightmare, her life took a remarkable turn for the better. Just weeks after her rescue, the Las Vegas-based Animal Foundation found Duchess a loving home. Her transformation from a life of neglect to one filled with love and care was heartening to witness.

Living Her Best Life

Today, Duchess is living her best life with a family that cherishes her every moment. She has formed close bonds with her new fur siblings, and her playful antics fill their home with joy. Duchess’s prior owner showed her no kindness, but with her new family, she has discovered the warmth of love and companionship.

From Heat to Snow

Having escaped the scorching heat of that fateful day, Duchess has developed an unexpected affinity for cold weather. She eagerly embraces opportunities to frolic in the snow, a far cry from her previous life of misery. The transformation is awe-inspiring, and it reminds us of the remarkable resilience of dogs like Duchess.

A Tale of Redemption

Duchess’s journey from the brink of tragedy to a life of happiness is a testament to the power of compassion and the resilience of animals. Her story underscores the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need to protect animals from harm, especially in extreme weather conditions.


Duchess, the husky who defied the odds, serves as a heartwarming reminder that kindness and compassion can change lives. We are overjoyed that she found her forever home and can now relish the simple pleasures of life, like playing in the snow. This incredible story deserves to be shared far and wide, as it inspires hope and showcases the boundless capacity for love and recovery.


1. What happened to the owner of the husky?

  • The owner, Raul Carbajal, was detained for willful and cruel animal maltreatment after leaving the husky in a hot car.

2. How long was the husky trapped in the car?

  • The husky was trapped in the car for two hours in 113-degree heat.

3. Where is Duchess living now?

  • Duchess has found a loving family and is happily living with them.

4. How has Duchess’s life changed after her rescue?

  • Duchess now enjoys the love and care of her new family and has a fondness for playing in the snow.

5. What message does Duchess’s story convey?

  • Duchess’s story emphasizes the importance of responsible pet ownership and the transformative power of compassion and care.

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