I received 2,500 crowns for the role of little Menka, the director of the Kalich Theater

Michal Kocourek was a child’s movie star. You could see him, for example, in the film How about a child, where he played little Vladimir Menek. But he did not stay in acting. Zaal theaters produce and dit. Today he is a co-owner of the Rytsk Theater, Kalich Theater and Palace Theater.

When did it occur to you to start your own theater and for?At the last stage at the conservatory, I became interested in how the theater works from the other side of the actor. Lkala m production. In the mid-1980s, there was no self-employment in this sector, there were only agencies with various art ensembles under them. They managed to promote the project of our first theater under the agency Pragokoncert, under which we worked for three years in our country and around the world.

In 1988, our conditions for business began to relax, and I also continued my own production with the theater. After the velvet coup, I decided to start my own agency Interkoncerts and under the theater operated for a long time. In our performances, we combined several theater numbers together – dance, music, spoken word, pantomime, and later we added elements of black theater. We worked in Albatross for a year, then we built the Theater in Celetn and ended up in Rytsk Street, where we are seventeen. During that time, we played almost 5,000 performances here, plus 1,000 performances abroad.

Do you ever go to acting?

I haven’t been active in acting for the last twenty years. I actually made one single exception, which was the jump for Mirek Vladyk in one production of our Kalich Theater. It was about help, otherwise we would have to cancel the descent to non-Prague applicants. I wanted to preserve the TV of the theater and get enough of its serious reputation, so I quickly studied the role for the sick Mirek. It was pleasantly removed from a certain stereotype.

Nelk vs aspo dubbing?

I tried dubbing once, but it didn’t work out. In this gate, it’s just like you in a movie. The dubbing productions are closed parties, the spelled actors look at each other and I never belonged to them, nor did I stuff myself there.

What did you have to enter in order to have your own theater?Before you know something about the operation of the theater, it’s just a very specific field of furnace. For example, you have to know all the professions that go through the theater – from making decorations to recording music. Then it’s up to you to find premises, choose construction companies, get pensions, have a showy economic balance, approach actors, give a quality title – I could continue in such a sentence for a very long time. The most important thing is that you know the project, you should push it in front of you through all the things and not give up.

Was it in the detours to find actors and space?We opened the Kalich Theater with the premiere of the Hamlet musical in 1999, ie at a time when several musicals had fallen before it, the actors and singers were also relatively free. Moreover, the Hamlet musical was a strong piece that we did not doubt. On the contrary, we had big problems with shnnm space for a new theater.

At first I wanted to rent the existing theaters for Hamlet, let’s always say for a week in the month, but I didn’t go to the bottom. So we had to start building our own scene. As we slowly grew to know that we would see the premises, our accident led us to our next day address in Jungmannova Street. We risked it, and as it turned out, it was a good choice.

Have you ever borrowed for business?When I think of small leases, which will sometimes help you in business, I do not remember the bottom loan. We definitely didn’t drink from the bank.

So from what source did you finance the theater’s encounters?

I have been going to my first theater in 1985 in many ways, as it was. I even sold my own LPs, a collection of English and so on on the stock exchanges. As soon as she started making money, I invested the chapter back in the theater. I remember when we started Interkoncerts, we also sold a car to have the means to crack the Deep Purple concert. As for the Kalich Theater, we are there. We had to do everything.

You used to be a star star. Do you know anyone in the daytime on the street?Many people of all ages can join a specific film or television production. It often happens to me that I am completely foreign to someone, but do not stop on the street due to my signatures. From time to time, a hunter catches an autograph in our theater or asks for his signature.

How was your favorite movie role?

I had many roles, I experienced something in them. I got you like that at the age of thirty in the series Johanes, which we, together with Michal Dlouhm, did for German television. I played a boy with polio in it, I also walked with a special on my feet, I even rode a pig and rode my body, I enjoyed it. Or I remember the filming of Circus Humberto, also produced abroad. I learned to walk on my arms, jump on horses and acrobatic stunts.

Remember how honor you got for the role of little Menko in the movie What is this like?I remember that song, 2,500 pcs.

Impact on vs in some way financial crisis?

I do not feel the crisis in the theaters I run. This gate is really very special. The fluctuation, which cannot be estimated in advance, is a series during the theatrical season. Never know what the way is this time – sometimes it’s a weather, other times it’s a chip epidemic, a flood or an economic situation in the country, such as the rise in gas prices. If the current crisis goes out in the field, it will manifest itself and in the evaluation of the whole year. At the theater, it is full every year.

Was it ever the same that you wanted to stop running the theater and pay for something else?

I thought of it once. Years ago, I was very disappointed that several colleagues and friends with whom we had collaborated since the arrest at the Kalich Theater had a lot of trouble and helped them, even because of the honor to other productions, they would not even consult or they contracted vyeen. I didn’t mind, but it hurt for a long time. At that time, I was not far from leaving this gate, I did not manage to find such an attitude to it that I would be against similar disappointing armor in the future.

Is there a great rivalry between theaters in the daytime?The competition is great in relation to our market, but it is far from the mountains and it is freezing that even in this field there is no fr. I just flew from England, where I studied for a while their system, which is completely different from the local business sector. Producers have to set rules among themselves there, and follow them. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

How many pensions will msn spend on the operation of the theater?

Hodn. If we honor, operating costs, performance costs and so on, we move in the millions.

Do your theater receive subsidies and grants?None of the changed theaters is subsidized. We received only one co-organizer contribution from the capital. of Prague at the Festival of Slovak Theater Production. I am sorry that the conditions in the given system are very distorted, and I hope that the master will find a way to fix them at least a little. I have no idea to compare with subsidized theaters, I would just be rd not to forget about us.

What does it look like in bn day?After six hours and exploring, you will meet the children who are going to the bike, at least for a while. About eight o’clock I go to the office, all day I’m in schzkch, running theaters and working on upcoming projects. When the house drills around nine o’clock in the evening, it goes through a dark scene or puts documents that I can’t get to during normal operation during the day.

Sometimes I can sit down to watch TV and look at something without thinking. I need to clear my head in a nutshell. I am sorry that I do not have enough space for myself, for further education. From time to time I will finish my English lessons or go for sports. I used to be an active athlete, the sport charged me and relaxed me. I miss such a snowboard or a summer bike in that forum.

You really have a busy day. How to manage a family with those children? Sthte at least kadoron family vacation?I dream to spend as much time with families as possible, but I must admit that it is not always possible to go together together.

Do you have anything full in the future?Full mm a lot, prickly prbn. In our field, it doesn’t work like a production line, where you press a button and the product comes out at the other end. Theater is also an organism to which you have to adapt. Every day offers a full new situation and new ideas. In foreign markets, several successful events took place – we sold the licenses for the musicals Hamlet and Jack Rozparova to Seoul, we are still working on Hamlet’s premieres in the USA, my black theater often travels around Europe and America – I should also try it in London. . Let’s see.