“I want to work, no matter what”

Refugees have a hard time in the labor market anyway. Due to the collapse of the economy under Corona, jobs are now becoming scarcer and the search even more frustrating. Two refugees report on their experiences.

Mujtaba Hamidi talks about his search for a permanent job.

MAt the moment ujtaba Hamidi has one main desire: to work. The young man from Afghanistan completed his training as a salesman at the beginning of the year, after which he started working at a supermarket in Frankfurt. Hamidi got the drinks department, he said he had “really tried hard”. The heavy lifting was a challenge in the Corona crisis with a mask, and he could neither eat nor drink during Ramadan during the day. But giving up work was out of the question for him. “It was important to me to help others during this time,” he says. His disappointment was all the greater when he was fired during his probationary period. To this day he does not know the reason.

Since then, the 22-year-old has been writing applications. He has already sent 15 of them, he is not very picky, but it should be a full-time job. Hamidi tried it at a shoe retailer, did a trial work in a mobile phone shop, and he will soon have an interview in a bakery. But finding something is not easy, because many companies are holding back on hiring in the Corona crisis – and Hamidi is now competing with many other applicants. Most of his letters have not even received a reply.