If you do not meet the mortgage, inform the bank

Go dv, no you will not have to put the installment, agree in the bank how to proceed dl. Mainly communicate with the bank. Help me prolong my mortgage or postponement of the installment.

It’s not a nice feeling. Stand in front of the bank and go and tell them that you have a problem with the installment. I tried to behave as the bank advised: to go before, not following the payment of the bank, the situation. Natst just like.

Pichzm, with an all sorts of money and a soul, said: “I can only work half a string and I’m afraid I won’t be able to arrange the payment.” And it’s outside, the worst mm behind.

Dream splinters, enter deferral

“Let’s try to do something about it,” he encouraged from across the table. The consultant proposes to extend the mortgage from 20 to 30 years, the installment with the sn and msn budget is a relief. In mm drop from 11,500 to 8,000 crowns.

I don’t think so much fame, so examine ptt to postpone the splits. For a year I would only pay for the years 5,400 msn, then I would jump back to the standard installments. That would help me in my situation, but again, I’m sorry for the 30 thousand, which I would give to the bank just like that, even if I would dream of my debt. “I will print the necessary papers and support enough,” the bank describes the procedure. At that moment, I admit that it’s not you.

Banks offer vry, where you sweat beforehand with a smooth delay. You in esk spoiteln under Ideln mortgage for the period until the next change of rate (fixation) for a fee of 1 999 crowns.

Dm vm nejsp nezabav

The fact that the bank would sell a roof over your head is probably not. Tom Kofro from Raiffeisenbank comments: “Execution is really extraordinary. There have been only a few ppadms in the time we have been providing mortgages. ” Like other banks, it makes it more expensive for the bank to do so only when the client does not communicate for a long time. And with the word long-term mind, the bank has been with you for a year.