Importing a car from abroad pays off, but it means more worries

Still, everyone pays their attention abroad when buying a car. Although some language barriers are hampered, the import of a used car from abroad, even if the dog did not have a financial interest.

Car prices on the European market are gradually leveling off, but some differences still exist. Dispute in the breath a few plates of thousands of crowns is still a sense to try.

Search the internetThe Internet also plunged into the motorsport business. Many second-hand car dealerships have a regularly updated website where you can get basic information about the offered car. Although there is no information from the service book on the Internet, car bazaars are now accustomed to the fact that customers can submit this information by e-mail or fax. If the second-hand car shop does not want to provide them, it is better to give up the store and turn its attention to a serious dealer.

Beware of fraud and classified informationIf you have the most car in Germany, let’s use this country for an example. Just getting to know the vehicle via the Internet, fax and e-mail will not lead to a new order, in which case a personal inspection of the car will be paid. This should be thorough, or fraud with used cars (origin, mistaken accident, st) does not happen only in the Czech Republic, but unfortunately it will be in Europe.

In addition to the actual driving of the vehicle, the car should be inspected either by a mechanic at a local service center or from a specialist. Only an experienced car mechanic knows if the car was demolished and you had water in it. Of course, the control of the body sla and the engine sla. You must agree with the data in the technical order. An experienced expert can know whether these are originally from the manufacturer or whether they have been sanded or otherwise modified.

Let’s take a purchase contractIf we decide to buy a car, the first step is to sign a purchase agreement. The car dealer will be sure to prepare a model contract in accordance with its conditions and we should welcome the signing. Probably the most suitable e-mail has been delivered by the contracting parties without completing the contract by e-mail before the actual trip to Germany.

Even after signing the purchase contract, it is necessary to keep in mind that I will only take the road with a binding liability. We need it for transport to the Czech Republic and in Germany it can be closed in the branches of the local car club. It is a short-term insurance liability covering risks in the horizon of several weeks.

The buyer can hand in the purchase contract and take out liability. This is not the case. The vehicle must be checked out of the German records at the traffic inspectorate. After unveiling the car, the new owner will receive a temporary technical order together with the identification signs. These replace the existing license plates, similarly to the R, even in Germany, unmarked vehicles cannot move on the road.

Doma ek dal paprovnAfter visiting the German traffic inspectorate, you can cross the border and bring the car to the Czech Republic.

Here, the first path should be to control emissions. If the vehicle passes the Emisch, it will take its way to the technical inspection station, where it will undergo a detailed test. After the MOT, issue a report on the technical capability of the vehicle.

The last step is the way to the traffic inspector, where the vehicles register. Here it is necessary to enter basically all the documents that the owner of the car in the Czech Republic and in Germany obtained and go to prove at the same time, which concluded a new compulsory liability (in Germany it was only a temporary insurance). The owner of the vehicle leaves the inspectorate with new registered signs and the possibility of unlimited use of the car.

For the sake of clarity, we will summarize the administrative steps of importing a vehicle from Germany into individual steps in the table:

In Germany
What needs to be done Where to go
Signing the purchase contract With German sales
Agree on temporary liability In the German car club
Vehicle registration (with purchase contract, proof of payment, original technical order) At the traffic inspectorate it is necessary to obtain a temporary technical order, a temporary registration number, a report on the registration of the vehicle
In the Czech Republic
Emission control (with original TP) At the station I have a protocol about emisch
Technical competence (have a purchase contract with you, confirmation of cancellation from German records, original TP, protocol on emisch) At the technical station check the protocol from the MOT
Car registration (you have a purchase contract with you, a report on the issue, a report on the registration of the vehicle, the original TP, a report from the MOT, new insurance responsibilities, a large TP) Signs registered at the traffic inspectorate

Getting a car from abroad is not such a problem. Of course, it’s bad to be willing to deal with administrative checks, but with the right choice, you can learn interesting things. It is very convenient to present the car of the end of the model series, which is first replaced by a new one. At first, these vehicles lose their value in western Europe much faster than in the country.