Incapacitated Canine Struggled to Endure on the Street then Something Caught his Attention

Immobilized Canine Battled to Make It Through on the Street Until this Female Identified Him

February 24 our country awakened to flying rockets and surges! The governmental authorities of the Russian Federation began a full-blown war versus our nation …

A lot of households leave the nation and also their animals are just left on the streets
We do not leave the country, we remain to feed roaming dogs as well as rescue as many pets as we can

Please wish Ukraine, please wish us and also our Furry Pals to be risk-free

Poor old Bucks … you can see the sadness in his eyes … I assume he still can ´ t think that someone is taking care of him. Thank you so much Olena and team for carrying out wonders similar to this daily. God honor you all and please remain safe!!

I can not think he endured on the streets for 4 months with no people actioning in to help! Thank goodness kind rescuers lastly found out about him and also aided him !!!
We are much worried about the canine you save everytime yet, just as concerned about you as well as your country. God honor you and all. Be vigilant as well as take care.

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Image and Videσ sσurce: YOUTUBE

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