Is that the real estate boom?

In the Corona crisis, people fear for their existence. Does the pandemic mean cheap apartments?

In the past ten years, real estate prices have increased by more than half.

SIt’s not always safe in these times. Gold and Bunds are considered “safe havens” that promise stability when the world becomes restless. However, both have also lost value in the Corana crisis. Another gold comes into focus: the concrete gold. Because residential real estate is also considered a solid, unshakable investment.

But here, too, one quickly wonders whether they will remain stable in the current situation. Some people, for whom prices have risen too sharply in recent years, even hope that they will be cheaper in order to finally be able to strike. It is still too early to get current price developments from the past weeks of the crisis. Apartments are not traded on the stock exchange every day like stocks or gold. But research with brokers and loan financiers gives the first indications. “We are currently not seeing any price reductions in real estate offers, but there is still no need for most sellers,” says the CEO of the real estate broker Engel & Völkers, Sven Odia. This is also the case in Italy, where the pandemic has been raging for some time. “However, demand in Germany has plummeted. We carry out 35 to 40 percent fewer property inspections than usual, in Bavaria even about 80 percent fewer, because the exit restrictions are stricter there. “