Is there a new insurance company in our market? f answered online

Nov Direct Pojiovna entered the Czech market in May this year. It is trying to conquer the market by selling mobile vehicles. Did the client succeed? What for vs according to the plans? You asked the chairman of the tpna Havlas board online.

The insurance company places emphasis on direct communication with clients via the telephone line and later also on the Internet, ie without financial costs for commissions to intermediaries. It promises affordable prices for it. The only shareholder of Direct Pojiovny, as is the Dutch company GDII BV Sestersk pojiovny operates in Poland (Link4) and Israel (IDI).

Where are you connected to others? Does it really offer insurance 20% cheaper compared to the competition? Are they willing to accept this new pmho sales concept? How stable and capital-strong is the insurance company? You asked these and similar questions HERE.


He answered your questionsFinann editor and chairman of the board of directors of Direct Pojiovny tpn Havlas (* 1974) graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. He gained his first work experience in the field of banking as a product manager at eBanka, where he later held the position of regional director in 1999-2001. According to him, from 2003 to 2006 he worked at SOB Leasing as a financial woman manager.

tpn Havlas is born on two children. Among his horses are sports, recreation with the family and active.