koFIN offers financing with zero down payment

The company koFIN in cooperation with koda Auto is offered in the action At the arrest, I do not pay anything for financing the car with the code. How do you get the benefits?


If you are interested, I will lease or return any Fabia and Octavia koda model with zero payment in advance.
If the entrepreneur buys, I will be able to pay VAT on the Fabia Combi N1 or the Octavia Combi N1.
in the case of the Octavia Combi N1, the entrepreneur also adds the necessary dlc pepku as a free bonus
part of the event is thus completely insured (emergency insured and compulsory liability) included in the installments
the recipient has the opportunity to choose other insurance products (for example, safety glass, luggage and passengers)
The period of leasing and vru me will be from 3 to 6 years
the residual value can be chosen in the range from 119 crowns and up to 14% of the car price


The offer is limited only to the named car types
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