M sense podit si nyn investin byt? Advocates work neekat

Property prices are screwed to the maximum. Pesto real estate brokers recommend not to postpone the position of the investment apartment. In interesting localities, the decline in prices does not predict. On the contrary, predict the growth of him.

The current situation on the housing market boils investors. The rise in prices and the lack of apartments for sale in combination with the strict rules for the provision of mortgages have the result that for their own housing will reach fewer people. They are then forced to remain in it. In addition, there is a relatively large group of those who do not even buy after buying their own apartment, such as students, young people who do not want to be taken to one city, and foreigners.

In the future, one can expect a large number of people interested in living in the quarters, to Jan Kunz, regional director for northern Moravia in RK Sting. Gradually, we are starting to show the rest of Europe, where it is around 50 percent. In our case, it currently reaches about twenty percent.

From this point of view, even in the current position of the apartment for investment, it makes sense, more than at any time before dark. In terms of prices, which are unscrewed to the maximum, then badly on what to expect from such investments. At present, Urit would not recommend buying an apartment with the vision that it will be sold at a profit in a few years. I see this as risky, to Daniel Kotula, owner of Re / max City.

However, if I am an investor who wants to invest in the medium and long term, then I still pay that investing in real estate is one of the most suitable, adds Goran Andonov, director of Maxima Reality. At present, apart from Prague and Brno, real estate prices are stagnating and in my attractive locations they have begun to fall slightly. But in the long run, their prices are constantly rising.

And someone invests in cash flow, ie income from rent, adds Pavel Hassman, owner of Re / max 4you.

Prague is specific

It is always easy to choose the right location for the shower. If we consider the possibility that an investor member would earn on two needs and support selected groups of the population, then the logic and economics should be able to share the property in the centers of the day, Andonov recommends.

From this point of view, Prague is and always will be very specific. People move to the metropolis in large numbers for work, students and foreigners come here. And there was a situation in the city. The demand for rent is thus accepted in Prague on a nationwide scale, states Jan Martina, Regional Director for Prague at M&M Reality.

At least 15 and 20 percent of the apartment is in the capital city for rent. And for new buildings, you should go. According to the apartment bought as an investment, it is around 30 percent, for selected residential projects it is even 40 percent, says David Jiruek from the development company Finep.

The value and income of the metropolis are growing the most

In addition to high-rise apartment rent these investors lk so the vision of high njm. In the last year, prices have risen by about five and ten percent. And it is assumed that they will go according to growth, to Ondej Man, editor of Bidli Reality. They have halved together in the last three years. Let’s take you a 2 + kk apartment with a size of 43 meters square in a panel house. If it is in a maintained condition even after the reconstruction of the wall, it currently ranges finely in such an apartment in the range from 13,500 to 14,000 crowns. A year ago it was 12,500 and three years ago 9 thousand crowns, according to Jan Martina.

The situation is similar to that in Prague. A good choice for the construction of an investment apartment are also large centers, which are also university towns. And it makes sense in a locality where industry is constantly important and where it shares companies that are among the strong employers with a good supply, Andonov said.

Lucrative locality = part of return

It is paid for this certain security. Buying property prices are understandable in lucrative and rich locations. This will usually result in a return on investment. In addition to the initial investment, it also depends on the rent.

For example, the prices of a 2 + 1 apartment in its original state in Pilsen currently range from 1.75 to 1.9 million crowns. On average, it will be to generate nine thousand crowns more without services and energy. The return on investment in this case is therefore 16 and 17 years, according to Tom Hrouda, regional manager for Pilsen at M&M Reality. In general, the investment in the apartment is considered complete if the owner drills within twenty years.

So the entrance will be in lucrative locations. In Prague, the best possible return is three and a half and a full percent, the rich regional cities have a yield of six and seven percent, to Daniel Kotula. The yield of a bag usually drops to two and five percent. In the course of time, you have to deal with the necessary repairs and reconstructions, says Ondej Man. You can see the well-kept apartment in a well-kept apartment for better pensions.

V mench mstech vyn byt vc

You are not the damn city or the city. Their advantage is about 30 percent less investment, I can only be slightly less than in the district town, to Jan Kunz. From an economic point of view, such an investment is more appropriate.

For example, in Most, an input of 10 and 15 percent can be achieved, said Daniel Kotula. For example, in Teplice, near Chomutov, apartments can be sold at very low prices. A relatively interesting input can be achieved here, bn 8 percent. Vidina is nice, but with some risk. In these localities, tenants often stay and do not pay quite often. Sometimes they get big codes after them, said Ondej Man.

In other words, all these salts and recommendations will be taken for granted in the moment when you will have a tenant in the apartment who does not have a good payment order. Your investment will be given a calm and backward return, points out Jan Kunz.

dan are men apartments

In addition to the location, the choice of the first type of apartment is also important. The fact whether it will be in a new building, an old brick house, or a panel, and such a role does not have to play. When buying a flat in a panel house, my owners will enjoy the same as an apartment in an Art Nouveau brick house. This is with the difference that his purchase price was half as low, two examples by Jan Martin.

The layout should be according to real estate experts. The input will usually be better for smaller ones than for those vtch. It can be occupied so easily and faster. According to realtors, most potential tenants are interested in apartments first. We don’t even have to buy studios, for example with an area of ​​25 meters square, on the contrary, here we get the most, two tips Kotula.

At the same time, 2 + 1 flats are rented, which are relatively universal. Time will also be sent to families with one child, as well as students. The family moved to these apartments for a long-term rent.

How to equip the apartment

Urit should be in the kitchen kitchen including consumption. Investing in a luxury kitchen does not pay off. Take it cheap.

He gave equipped rooms according to whom you want to rent the apartment. The large wall is finely equipped and often willing to pay for it. Due to the rapid wear and tear, I would choose a price versus performance strategy, Hassman recommends. So nothing expensive.

The rest of the luxury would be, for example, peduens allusions or air conditioning. On the contrary, a good wall and parking space can be a good place for David Jiruek. He is often appreciated, for example, by people in managerial positions. And if the refugee does not want it, he can be rented separately.