Male Jailed After Video Shows Canine ‘Driving’ Automobile

An Israeli male was jailed by authorities for reckless driving because of a video showing the man’s dog ‘driving’ an auto.

A Pet Dog Driving a Vehicle?
The man, a 35-year-old citizen of the Arab village of Ein Naqquba near Jerusalem, uploaded the video on social media sites. The video reveals him driving an auto with the dog on his lap, holding his paws on the guiding wheel. Meanwhile, a traveler in the pole position films as the vehicle slowly relocates via the narrow roads of a thick urban area.

At some point, the video clip went viral as well as caught the local authority’s interest. Jerusalem Area Police recognized the man, situated him, and also brought him in for examining, reports The Times of Israel.

According to authorities, the man was questioned on suspicion of careless driving. Following his arrest, police learned that the man’s lorry did not pass a needed road test. That cost will be added to his offenses, they state.

According to a declaration released by the cops, “those that perform such acts jeopardize people’s lives. We will continue to act to impose severe web traffic offenses as well as prosecute suspects who endanger roadway individuals with their actions.”

Driving With Dogs
Driving with your canine is a wonderful way to bond and hang around with each other. Nonetheless, we do not suggest dogs driving cars and trucks. Safety needs to constantly be a top priority when taking your dog when traveling. If you’re preparing a trip with your furry puppy, below are some pointers for maintaining your pet secure. Keep in mind to bring along water and also treats, as well as cleansing products in case there are any accidents during the journey. It’s ideal to get your dog used to car rides from a young age too, ideally.

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