In a touching moment, meet the person who prevented the death of the pit bull puppy.

A Hero’s Journey Begins There are many wonderful moments that are only made possible by the selfless efforts of volunteers, despite the challenges they may face. One such hero is Joey Wagner, a marine biologist from Nova Scotia, Canada. Joey works as a volunteer at the Baie Ste Marie Animal Society, dedicating his time and love to animals in need.

A Desperate Cry for Help In 2013, Joey received a distressing call about a pit bull mix dog that had been brutally mistreated and required urgent care. This poor pup, named Mojo by his rescuers, was on the brink of death when Joey arrived at the scene. Mojo’s condition was heartbreaking, suffering from acute dehydration and demodectic mange.

A Lifesaving Journey Joey, along with the dedicated rescue team, rushed Mojo to Parade Street Vet, PEI Small Animal Hospital. At just three months old, Mojo had lost all of his fur and was covered in painful mite bites. The puppy’s mange had worsened due to starvation and unsanitary living conditions, and his cries of pain echoed in Joey’s heart.

A Heartwrenching Surrender Joey later reflected on the moment Mojo was surrendered, saying, “When Mojo was surrendered, it was a very short process, and a very emotional time.” Despite Mojo’s critical medical condition, Joey and his wife Leta couldn’t help but fall in love with the resilient pup.

A Remarkable Recovery Mojo displayed incredible resilience and forgiveness despite the hardships he had endured. News of Mojo’s story touched the hearts of many, leading to an outpouring of support and well-wishes for his recovery.

A Bond Forged in Adversity Mojo’s determination to live left a lasting impression on Joey. It was clear that Mojo had found his forever family in Joey and Leta. The shelter, knowing how inseparable the two had become, readily authorized Mojo’s adoption. Little did they know the heartwarming surprise that awaited them.

A Joyful Reunion The day Joey arrived to bring Mojo to his new forever home was a day of pure joy. As Mojo caught sight of Joey, his small tail started to wag furiously. Joey was greeted with a barrage of kisses as Mojo wriggled with delight, trying to get closer to his rescuer. It was a moment that melted hearts.

A Grateful Heart As Mojo showered Joey with affection, it was clear that he remembered the man who had saved his life. The vet, witnessing the emotional reunion, hugged and kissed Joey, affirming, “He definitely remembers you.” Never had a dog been so content.

A Happy Ending For over seven years, the world has savored the heartwarming story of Joey and Mojo. Mojo found his forever home with Joey and Leta, where he is loved and well-cared for. Although his fur never fully returned, Mojo couldn’t be happier. The Wagner family has used his story as an inspiration, advocating for animal rescue organizations and raising funds to help other animals in need.

The story of Mojo and Joey is a testament to the incredible bond between humans and animals. It’s a reminder that even in the face of adversity, love and compassion can heal wounds and create unbreakable connections.


1. How did Joey discover Mojo?

Joey, a marine biologist and volunteer, received a distress call about Mojo, a pit bull mix puppy in critical condition, which led him to rescue Mojo.

2. What was Mojo’s condition when he was rescued?

Mojo was suffering from acute dehydration, demodectic mange, and had lost all his fur due to his unsanitary living conditions.

3. Did Mojo remember Joey when they were reunited?

Yes, Mojo recognized Joey and greeted him with immense joy and affection when they were reunited.

4. How has Mojo’s story inspired others?

Mojo’s story has inspired people to support animal rescue organizations and raise awareness about the importance of compassion and care for animals in need.

5. What happened to Mojo after his rescue?

Mojo found his loving forever home with Joey and Leta, where he continues to thrive despite his past hardships.

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