Meet Gluta, the grinning pet that defeated cancer

The lovely and happy pet dog you are seeing in this blog post is Gluta, a former roaming pet dog who utilized to reside on the streets of Thailand.
You would not tell because of the big smile she puts on in every image, yet Gluta has an extremely hard tale behind her.

Gluta was saved from the streets and offered stay in a dorm where her brand-new human Sorasart Wisetsin intended to see her healthy again. Unfortunately Gluta was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She needed to go through chemotherapy and had her whole womb eliminated.
It’s been a long and also tough course however as you can see from these images she is completely recovered currently, as well as looks like the happiest dog worldwide.

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This is Gluta.

She is constantly smiling, but she has a tough tale behind her.

She was a roaming pet on the streets of Thailand.

Sorasart Wisetsin conserved her as well as intended to see her healthy again.

However it wasn’t that simple.

Gluta was detected with cervical cancer.

She underwent radiation treatment and had her whole uterus removed.

The recovery has been long and also challenging.

Today she is healthy once more!

And also as you can distinguish her smile …

… Now she is the happiest dog worldwide!

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