Men are the worst retirement provision

As beautiful as marriage can be, it can also pass quickly. High-earning academics in particular are therefore advised to be financially independent. A prenuptial agreement helps, among other things.

Marriages without a contract are like driving a car without a seat belt, says Volker Looman.

Aattention! The following article is not suitable for low-income academics under 40 years of age. Please do not regard the warning as social discrimination, but as a subtle indication that there are also couples in this republic who earn well at a young age, such as this doctor and that lawyer whom I have come across in the last few days am They are each 35 years old and have been a couple for five years. She earns 5,000 euros gross a month, and he brings home 7,000 euros a month before taxes. That is a total of 12,000 euros per month, of which 6710 euros remain after deduction of all social security contributions and taxes, 2889 euros for her and 3821 euros for him.

Now it’s getting serious, dear readers! The couple want to get married and have two children. In my opinion, you can only wish the very best, but I wouldn’t be Volker Looman if I hadn’t asked the juniors how they deal with the money. Then I saw – with all due respect – in ruthless faces, so that I would like to pass the question on to the “old hands” among you: What would you do if you could start all over again? Would you stay home again or would you switch to part-time work, dear mothers? And would you found a community of gains again, dear fathers? Or would you do “everything” completely differently today because you have become (more) smart in the last few years?