Mortgage? Bad on my intake

does it matter which bank you go to for a mortgage? Error. After all, the competition is great, in which financial models models of families and individuals have offered somewhat different conditions.


In general, still pay: go where you know. So the bank, which manages it for a long time, knows the payment history. If it is good, you can get a suitable year, for example. But not every bank today offers all the services available on the market. If you do not find a product that suits you, you must compete.

Compare the offers of all banks

Because living is long-term living and will significantly affect the family budget for a long time, it pays to do a survey and compare financial conditions. If you do not find yourself in the offer of banks and individual products, get advice. There are several independent institutions on the market that can process a full supply of mortgages according to the specified criteria.


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The conditions that the banks offered models of families with two children, who want to sell a house for 2.5 million crowns on the outskirts of a large city with the fact that they need to pay 1.5 million crowns, varied both in the requirements for income and in msn spltce, and tm i in the final amount repaid after 20 years to the bank.

The income required to obtain a mortgage is one or more, the total amount paid for the loan is a bag for the family budget to go according to. Under comparable conditions, one bank can lend families 1.5 million crowns by paying a total of 1,832,160 crowns.

The most expensive competition will collect 2,260,760 crowns for the same loan. The difference is more than 400,000 crowns in favor of the customer, who decides in time and choose the cheapest loan option.

Will my salary be the same?

While, for example, Hypoten banka would be satisfied with an income of less than 24,000 crowns, esk spoitelna demanded 28,000 crowns. On the other hand, mortgages offered an increase of one thousand crowns in comparison with Hypoten banka. What would be less than 300,000 crowns in favor of esk spoitelna in the final competition after 20 years. Wstenrot, SOB and ivnobanka, in turn, set fees that cost 20,000 crowns in 20 years.

On the contrary, at Raiffeisenbank and esk spoitelna, the family would pay 36,000 crowns in fees. The dispersion of the conditions for the provision of mortgages in the case of a single man, who gave 800,000 per apartment, was due to him.

For example, the required income was around 11,000 and 12,000 crowns in most banks. Only Raiffeisenbank would write, which would not cost me less than 17,000. On the contrary, in eBanka it would succeed with an income of 9,500 crowns. At the end of the sum, the bag was noticeable.

It cost a quarter of a million crowns between the cheapest Czech savings bank and the most expensive SOB and Hypoten banka. While esk spoitelna insisted on life insurance (which, according to the applicant, is usually several thousand or more than 10,000 crowns), other banks did not require it, some thanks to it favored the annual rate and eBanka offered it free of charge.

The final state of affairs stated that they were oriented, the final conditions would depend on the exact back data on the property and the specific situation of the applicant.

Have you ever tried to find out which bank would offer you the most suitable mortgage? What do you think about differences in income requirements? Drink nm, dark on your ideas and experiences.

Do you want to see how the specific conditions offered by individual banks for a 15-year mortgage? What happens when the years come? How do you check banks or creditworthiness? What vs will chtt and what dt watch out for? tte HERE.


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