Mortgages lead over the building joint. Prozatm

Anyone who needs to get back to their own home will be asked whether to choose a building society or a mortgage. And more and more often the choice of pads for building savings. and whether the building societies will finance the housing of the bank.

Building spoen or mortgage?

The choice between a building society and a mortgage is not easy. There is a belief among people that building savings are good for men and, on the other hand, mortgages are better for financing your expenses. Building societies, however, are in favor of breaking this myth.

If the client wants to draw the bottom of the building connection, he must fulfill the sufficient advance. You have to save at least 2 years, save up to 30 percent of the duty according to the tariff and reach a high value.
There are also infernal vultures in the offer of building societies, where those interested in pensions do not have to wait.

Mortgage rates rose last year. Until the years of building society rates, the growth growth was not reflected. For days vr could not even, their in is enshrined in the building savings contract since its conclusion. This is, after all, one of the competitive advantages of building savings compared to mortgages.

And so, while mortgage banks signaled a decline in the level of trade, building societies had n.

Mortgages gained due to declining rates

Mortgage banks are currently a popular housing finance facility. They are about twice as popular, not even from the building society.

There are several reasons for the fall under the building spoen. The main one is undoubtedly the decline in annual rates, which lasted until 2006. However, aspects certainly played a significant role. Hypoten banks were very responsive to demand and introduced mortgages, which enabled the growing real estate market. At the top of the growth market, banks also offered a 130% mortgage. The building society could not compete with that.

Now, however, mortgage rates rose at the level of 2003, and building societies got their word back. Not in any way. The statistics monitor the total number of provided vry and mortgages are furnaces only provided in tm volume and with maturity. Refinancing mortgages over the building savings jet is not enough.

The fixed volume of provided in probably will not happen immediately. The reason is, among other things, the limited resources of building societies. “Our building society has a ratio between loans and deposits of more than 70 percent,” said Manfred Koller, vice-chairman of the board of eskomoravsk stavebna spoitelny, in an interview with, adding: ” for a year. “

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