Nov Osobn et esk spoitelny nemus bt vdy vhodn

Last week we informed her that esk spoitelna irok public introduced the new news Osobn et. At the same time, it announced the end of standardized packages, and the new price is “determined” by the client from the moment used by the products used. However, with the transition to a new product, in order to pay off, a major change in client breeding must go hand in hand.

Client, you are not average, you are individuality! So today vnm esk spoitelna (according to only S) sv clients. The final price for a new Personal is determined to a certain extent by the client, specifically by the number of services that he chooses and uses. At the same time, the bag on the end of the digit on the msnm entry also decides on the inclusion of the selected service in the pslun layer (simply standard and above standard). “During the Personal S period, clients can adjust free of charge at any time according to what they really use and according to their changing life situations and needs,” said Martin Techman, Director of Business Development S.

Osobn and pedstavujeAccording to S, it is possible to find one or more different second and equal products and related services. The uniform deposit is always the right one, made a monthly entry and the so-called deposits et. For other services, choose as changed from the three layers Standard, Plus and Specil. The calculation of the final price for services is relatively easy to do on the S website. If you choose products from two, pp. all levels are offered, the segments behind them become.

Standard Service 24 Overdraft Debit card Vbry from ATM S all transactions in S SMS obalance on here
Plus All transactions in R Sweat Pln Gold debit card
Specil Insurance ability to meet Insurance of the first protection Travel insurance Assistance services

For example, when using Service 24, debit cards and all transactions in S in the price, pay 69 CZK per month for Personal, if you add all the transactions in R and pay the full amount of another 159 crowns. So a total of msn will cost 228 crowns. To do this, you need to go piston at the current 7.50 K, as well as you will pay for all withdrawals from ATMs with debit cards (in ATMs S cost today 6 crowns, in other domestic ATMs 25 crowns + 0.5% of the selected amount) .

rove slueb

Poet product

Price by sweat productin K

Standard 0 a 1 29
2 a 3 69
4 a 6 109
7 a 9 149
Plus 1 a 2 159
3 a 4 289
5 a 6 389
Specil Insurance ability to meet 49 – 169
Insurance of the first protection 19 – 69

Nov et S pln vae pn, jene m sv aleThe bank does not hide the fact that the existing packages (Suitable program, Comprehensive program and Senior) will eventually print a novelty in the form of Personal here. He gave new packages, which will not be established from August 8 this year, and current clients will be more and more convinced about the suitability of going to the new “regime”. That bag with you pin even a lot of nice facts.

In the first place, it is worth noting that in the collection here are included only various entries and costs for delivery even below the client castle sm. And if they belong to those who received the S credit card as a free bonus wrapped in a sought-after product package, the annual fee for it is spread over the next half. Personally, I only need it with debit cards, the credit remains completely out of here. He offered to cancel the card.

If the client decides to force a full amount of money, he should not forget that a suitable year of 2% pa reaches only the first 50 thousand crowns here (so the value of only the so-called transaction pension, other clients have to serve other products ). which fixes this value, is rooted by default according to the balance.

A popular service that the bank still provides free of charge for e-banking users is Servis 24 – SMS informing about the balance here. With this, the user will probably have to say goodbye or pay for an SMS from the bank in the near future, or include these items as one of the products in Personal here. The future charged SMS information will be discussed in the Table, so it is not decided at this time on the specific prices for individual SMS.

You can personally offer only one debit card among the products from the Standard menu (any choice between electronic and embossed cards). If the client chooses debit payment cards two – they are automatically considered as two products (not one) and thus according to the fee.

At the same time, it remains to preserve, and certainly as a positive, the possibility to choose the structure here so that it suits the current way of its use. Evening changes are free.

To whom is it paid to remember all the ballet on Osobn etWe were interested in whether it would be worthwhile for the client to convert his savings with the Suitable, Comprehensive Program and Senior to the new product. The owner of these groups does not have to worry about their cancellation yet, however, in the future and with the active offer of Personal Teas, most of them “disappear” very quickly.

For this example, we chose 3 different clients of the passive, active and senior, who sweat with the same regime here as before. Unfortunately, for all the above examples, it meant the introduction of a new regime here while maintaining the standard of health.

Thus, as elsewhere in this case, it is necessary to pay in peace and compare the prices of the new one with the existing ones. If the client comes to the conclusion that the current package conditions are first in his case suitable today, we can leave them, at least for the time being, unchanged.

Potan client examples – according to individual programs (including

The client with the Suitable Program has the following services: Service 24Electronic payment cardReally 3 vbry from ATM SPay 3 lasted orders outside S (according to TP only)Pchoz poloka 1x Overdraft, the bag doesn’t lift

Total stka msn now 86,50 K

Client with Personal theme (vbr services):Service 24Electronic payment cardUnlimited vbry from ATM SPchoz poloka 1×3 x platba TP

Total stka msn 104,50

(overdraft was canceled)

The client with the Comprehensive Program has the following services: Service 242 x embossed payment cardReally 4 vbry from ATM SPayment 5 TPZaplat 5 inkasPchoz poloka 10x Pay 10 single ordersOverdraft

Total stka msn now 267,50

Client with Personal theme (vbr services):Service 242 x embossed payment cardAll transactions in SAll domestic transactions except SVechny vbry z bankomatu SOverdraft

Total stka msn 275,50

The client with this Senior has the following services: Electronic payment cardReally 1 vbr from ATM SPchoz poloka 1x

Total stka msn now 44,50 K

Client with Personal theme (vbr services):Electronic payment cardPchoz poloka 1×1 x vbr from ATM

Total stka msn 49,50

If our clients from the warehouse want to maintain the same price ratio, or to get a better ratio for them, they would have to determine the comfort of education and at the same time more actively use the selected services. For example, they would have to exchange an unused overdraft for unlimited withdrawals from ATM S.

Is it really what the bank and its clients want?