Nursing staff should receive a premium of 1500 euros

The Verdi union and a new employers’ association are putting pressure on the government to agree on a premium for carers. Both actually represent only a minority.

Nursing staff could receive a bonus in the corona crisis.

Dhe union Verdi and a new employers’ association that has so far barely appeared in terms of collective bargaining policy want to jointly enforce a special bonus of 1500 euros for all elderly care workers. The union announced on Monday that they had agreed on key points of a collective agreement with the Federal Association of Employers in the Care Industry (BVAP).

At the same time, it announced that it would apply to the government to make the planned premium regulation generally binding. The BAVP is an association dominated by the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Awo) that has not yet concluded any collective agreements. It was founded in 2019 to negotiate a comprehensive care collective agreement with Verdi, to have it declared generally binding and, above all, to put the private care providers under pressure. The negotiations on this are ongoing. The procedure is constitutionally controversial, as both represent only a minority of care employers and employees.

Indirectly, the premium plans are probably also putting the government under pressure. In the special situation of the Corona crisis, it could be difficult for them to reject the request with legal arguments.