One in four does not think about retirement provision

Citizens are less concerned about their retirement provisions than they were a few years ago, a new survey shows. Women are (almost) no longer inferior to men.

Those who save early have more later.

Kalmost every fourth adult in Germany has not yet given serious thought to their retirement provision. This is the result of a survey for the Association of German Banks. In 2014, just under one in five people stated that they had not, or rather not, dealt with how they secure their livelihood in old age. The proportion of those who devote their full attention to the topic has fallen to less than half.

The representative survey investigated differences between women and men when it comes to money. Accordingly, women take time to plan their finances just as regularly as men. Women are no longer inferior to men when it comes to self-confidence when dealing with money, it said.

But they save less: every third man sets aside more than 200 euros a month – for women it is only one in five. “Whether women save differently than men can be answered in the affirmative insofar as they (can) save significantly less,” it was said to explain. They still work to a lesser extent than men, work more part-time and in lower-paid jobs.

However, women see themselves as better protected for old age than men. 70 percent consider themselves well or very well covered, which the association considers surprisingly optimistic. For men it is 64 percent. However, women continued to be less interested in economic and financial topics than men, according to the banking association.