Only some banks can withdraw from the contract

In the next year, a fundamental change in the provision of consumer guarantees is likely to take place within the first 14 days of the term of the contract. The condition is to find a better offer and find out that he will not be able to meet the debt. It is not possible with ns bn.

Anyone who decides to look after the heat today probably does not think about a murderous two years of heat. What else to do when you start a bank in the bank once and then you get a much better offer from the competition? Once you sign the contract, you don’t have much.

It is only possible to withdraw from the balance of the contract in some cases

At the same time, the first right allows the client to withdraw from the contract of credit only if he has concluded this contract in debt or outside the business premises of the bank. Then withdraw in writing and without the need to state the reason for the conclusion of the contract. All he has to do is give his speech to the bank no later than 14 days from the date on which he concluded the contract and shake off the exhausted debt with the service (ie years).

As a rule, do not accept the bank’s method in another way. If so, it is not a matter of withdrawing from the contract, but of early repayment of the contract or termination of the contract.

While all banks will accept the advance payment at any time and practically without any problems, they do not allow otherwise the method of termination of the contract not repaid within the agreed term. In addition, the extraordinary repayment during the long-term relationship often the commission did not have penalty fees. And with exceptions (eg esk spoitelna, mBank), you must also allow the bank to notify you of your debt, or its payment, well in advance.

Ways to terminate the consumer contract
Bank Resigned End of relationship
in another way
Fees and penalties Thermal
Citibank x spicy spltka free of charge at any time
esk spoitelna according to the first regulations x free of charge 14 days from
concluded a contract
UNDER x neerpn,
spicy spltka
free /
1%, min.
1,000 crowns
at any time
GE Money Bank x spicy spltka 5%, min.
1,000 crowns
at any time
Komern bank according to the first regulations x free of charge 14 dn from uzaven
LBBW according to the first regulations vpov, spicy
free of charge 14 dn from uzaven
mBank according to the first regulations vpov free of charge 14 dn from uzaven
/30 dn
Potovn spoitelna x spicy spltka free of charge at any time
Raiffeisenbank according to the first regulations spicy spltka free of charge
/ 4% of out. spltky
14 dn from uzaven
/ anytime
UniCredit Bank x neerpn,
spicy spltka
1 % + 0,3 %
from neerpan stky / free
at any time
Volksbank according to the first regulations x min. 500 crowns for a change in the contract 14 days from the conclusion of the contract
Source: Banks

On the other hand, only the clients of LBBW and mBank, of the eleven banks monitored, can give notice of the contract. “It follows from the business conditions that the client may not terminate the contractual relationship or otherwise terminate the consumer contract without the prior consent of the bank, or until the repayment of all debts due to the consumer contract,” she told iDNES. cz Martina Lambert, press releases LBBW.

It works similarly at mBank. “The client may terminate the relationship at any time during the term of the contract, except when he is not fulfilling his obligations and is currently overdue. She will find the conditions in the business conditions, ”Pavla Rennov described the procedure of mBank’s talk.

According to these conditions, the contract can be withdrawn within 14 days after the conclusion of the contract. Later, the client is entitled to terminate the credit agreement at any time without notice. There is a set deadline, 30 days from the date of delivery to the bank in writing.

There is no sanction or other fee associated with the termination of the contractual relationship in these banks.

You do not have to avoid the fees, even if you just do not exhaust them

Some banks (SOB, UniCredit Bank) even hide the fact that the client would not have to use it at all (ie, for example, not to collect a pension from a cash bank). However, each of them will behave a little differently.

“If the client did not start to draw at all and the deadline for erpn has expired, then the contract is considered invalid,” explains Irena Zatloukalov from SOB’s external communication. In UniCredit Bank, however, it is decided not to draw the client in addition to the obligation to pay a compensated fee.

“The bank is entitled to charge a fee if a refinancing code is created at a given step,” said Tom Pavlk, UniCredit Bank’s spokesman.

According to the bank’s current price, there are two such compensated fees. The first is the fee from the undrawn amount, which is at least 1% (ie the client rate reduced by the discount rate) and there is also a fee for non-compliance with the contractual full drawdown. Ten in 0.3%.