“Our children will have to pay for all of this”

Friedrich Merz accuses Finance Minister Scholz of wasting money: “The Finance Minister knocks out the money as if there was no tomorrow.” The CDU politician also demands that the government be more willing to talk to Corona demonstrators.

Friedrich Merz is running alongside Norbert Röttgen and Armin Laschet for the chairmanship of the CDU.

Dhe candidate for the CDU chairmanship, Friedrich Merz, has accused Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) of wasting money in the corona crisis policy. In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”, Merz says: “The finance minister is currently pulling out the money as if there were no more tomorrow. Our children will have to pay for all of this. ”That is why he urgently advises that taxpayers’ money be handled carefully, even during the Corona crisis. It was true to release the debt brake of the Basic Law this year. “But releasing a brake doesn’t have to mean rushing down the mountain at full throttle at the same time.”

Merz is also critical of the federal government’s decision to extend the short-time allowance until the end of next year. “Short-time work allowance is there to overcome a crisis in the short term. If it is paid for too long, there is a risk of blocking the labor market, ”says Merz. “Then employees who are urgently needed in other companies are kept in their old companies with short-time work. But now it has been decided and we will have to look at the labor market development. “

ECB President Christine Lagarde expressed herself very differently from Merz on Sunday. According to her, the governments in the euro zone should continue to support the loose monetary policy of the central bank with extensive government spending. This should support the recovery after the historic economic slump in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, said the central bank chief on Sunday. Confidence in the private sector is based to a large extent on expectations of government spending. A generous financial policy is crucial in order to preserve jobs and to support private households now until the economic recovery gets stronger.

“Then all tolerance stops”

With a view to protests against the Corona measures, Merz demands more willingness to talk from the federal government: “Above all, politics must take the existential fears of many people seriously. Many protest against the restrictions on their freedoms, which is a legitimate concern that politicians have to grapple with. “The limit is always reached when violence, trespassing and attacks on police officers are added. “That is where all tolerance ends,” says Merz.

About the demonstrators who protested against the Corona measures, the CDU politician said: “There are conspiracy theorists, left-wing radicals and right-wing radicals, a colorful people, of whom you will probably reach very few. But there are at least as many among them who can and should be won over for a serious discussion. “