Pekai are not, let’s hunt outside the field, to the owner of a family business

Where will his professional leader lead, Marek Nozar led very soon. d family hell, as well as before his ddeek and mom. How is it to start your own business in the daytime?

The slogan that bakery was a clear choice, the salary for Mark Nozar was one hundred percent. So he wouldn’t stand at the fairy and knit buns. As part of the generation, he will gradually take over the Kladno hell of Kompek.

Our family comes from Louny. When, among other things, Ddeek decided to start a business after the revolution, he bet on fields that he understood as a farmer. He first started trading in grain and other crops. During the first year, he saw privatization, so the former Stedoesk bought bakeries and confectioneries in Kladno. The family grew up there and Kladno proved to be a strategic place for business, it is close. My mother worked for the company as a young woman with these children, and even though she was supposed to be a teacher, she was going to study Pekako cola, first for twenty-nine years old, who has been the company’s managing director for six years.

What was the condition of the business that your family took over?They were surprised at how much you will reduce and make more efficient. The socialist manners kept pumping and it was necessary to change the reasoning of all employees. There was a thorn in the middle and where the then businessman had to react to it.

When did you get involved in the family business?I won’t say when I’ve been in it since I was a child. Our company was open, and my sisters and I grew up in it. I remember that I took donuts at home and sold them to my children in a bike for double. In the company, I started as a brigdnk with a pachl in my hand, I drove away from me. He taught me a lot and thanks to that, the experienced employees now recognize him as a company.

Is it appropriate when the whole family works in one company?It’s really only for strong families who can withstand the pressure and talk together. The advantage of such a business is that you can consult with the km to see who shines. The disadvantage is that we take home work, we own the company below. Sometimes in the ert km that I would like to dig trenches, but that would be foolish.

Was it easy to get a business from a grandmother and mom?There were no problems with that, let’s say exactly what we follow up on. The advantage of generan cooperation is that you can combine flying experience with modern thinking.

What’s the biggest thing about you in companies?In order for the table to be of the right quality, because it is also the matter that develops, and the recipe can come out differently every day. Those customers want it, they’re used to it. I don’t care that the rolls are rubber today, because it’s bad weather. Also, I can go around the whole production in order to be sure that I will leave the bows of the seduction in the horseshoe. Then there are everyday things: something goes wrong, someone doesn’t come to work…

Do you have enough qualified people?Historically, there have always been enough of them in the field, please. Pekask study fields have almost disappeared, so it is impossible to get a used bakery or bakery. But it’s not worth crying over the dark, it’s important to look for good people outside the field. Let’s get them with the help of new employees, rewards for a new employee.

How about that?Quite Yes. Even though foreign investors will attract a lot of quality people from the area. But it happens that the workers then return to nm, with the fact that they were not able to meet such high demands. They know that they have a secure job here, plus the benefits of a family environment and an individual approach to their needs.

Do you also educate young professionals?Ano, co nm zbv. We must also take the risk that there will be some and then they will go elsewhere, most often completely out of the gate. We will continue to do so and hope that the worst scene will not occur, when the customers will one day come to the store and there will be no bread or rolls. There will simply be no one to make them.

What discourages people at pekain from referring to uovsk fields?We work here for eight-hour shifts, basically non-stop, there is only one day off a year. Some people don’t mind, others praise them for giving them a day off. He can’t give them for health, because the biorhythm of them will decide. Some defects flour or great heat. But they are here, and it is the young people who declare that they would like to stay here and retire. That courage fascinates me and I am j.

What would help the industry?Not as valuable as he deserves. Pastry is cheaper in the country, compared to Germany. Pekai so often fight with the administration, he has to strengthen it, even for the staff in production.

Who is the biggest competitor on the market and how do you cope?A large industrial bakery similar to. Two were the competition 100% Czech, today you don’t even know who you are up against. I want to convince customers to give Czech quality preference for a sunny price abroad.

How exactly are you going to do it?The customer still wants to discover something new, so our development department is working full time. More pensions, special products, so we offer for example breads with flavors. It ranges from classic consumption to luxury products. Two preferences for a healthy lifestyle, that’s why we started making you whole-fried potato crackers without chemicals, bake a whole-grain spread, use sugar flour with bran and seeds in the confectionery, and it works for those cakes as well.

Where to get inspiration?You also have people from production at foreign fairs, shows, ideas, but it is clear that there were enough blind roads, it is impossible to make a novelty of it. It also limits us a bit, eu ns vtina product originated on the links. The vision for the future, then, is to retreat from the industries of production, live supply and give more to the run. Simply become a regional bakery.

This is in the business cl?And pedat gave the generation a company in good condition. In the meantime, we are improving in all respects, so I hope that we will. I am a supporter of systematic small necks. I must ensure that the family business continues and that the most able of our children gets the court and did not disappoint her.