Pensions from the fund can be withdrawn at any time. Zruit straight and contract is a mistake

Investment experts agree that the most common mistake of domestic investors is when they sell their purchased share funds at the moment when there are sales on the markets, ie a decrease in asset prices. Realize a loss in the dark. He made a mistake when he immediately canceled the commission contract with the investment company.

The suitability of investing in mutual funds is that the investor can withdraw money from them at any time. And this is free of charge. You don’t have to wait long for your pension. Investin’s company usually pays him within five working days. Sometimes two. Another plus is that the investor will not be penalized if he does not reduce 15% of the income tax. This can be avoided if the investor has invested in the fund for less than three years, or does not want to withdraw more than one hundred thousand crowns from the fund in one calendar year.

Promylene step

On the other hand, the collection of income from the mutual fund should be taken as a step, because sometimes it is convenient to turn into an accident very quickly.

Let’s meet this day. People seem to decide responsibly to invest in mutual funds, but the moment when there are significant fluctuations in the financial markets, they get scared and their investment in a panic reporter to save at least what they say to them, the group’s financial advisor explains. Partners Vladimr Weiss.

When the sale of investments in mutual funds at a time when the prices of assets on the financial markets are at their minimum, there is nothing wrong with the loss. When the prices of assets on the financial markets fall, it is useful to invest longer and even more pensions in mutual funds, because this is the only way to buy assets cheaply. And then again, of course, under the conditions of the first choice of investment asset, and prices will go up again.

The fact that people still don’t really want the financial markets to fluctuate and are as volatile as the weather is the first mistake of domestic investors. Another mistake is when, when you choose a pension from mutual funds, because you need a pension, you immediately cancel the contract with the investment company, Vladimir Weiss continues with the addition that the people in the Czech Republic are investing.

For not canceling the contract

Why is it a mistake when collecting pensions from mutual funds to automatically cancel a contract with an investment company? The reason is simple. At the time of termination of the contract, the investors themselves and voluntarily deprive themselves of the pension, which the investment company paid for the conclusion of the contract. With its decision, the de facto benefits from the window are not insignificant entry fees, which the investment company first withdrew from them.

And not only that. At the same time, with their decision to prepare for the possibility of renewing investments in the fund, they would not even have to pay the same entry fees that they once paid. Although it sounds strange, according to experts in practice, the contract with the investment company is at the stake of most investors who opt for two withdrawals from mutual funds, not originally anticipated.

I can understand quite a while that people suddenly need pensions, so they dig into their investments in mutual funds. Or worry that the value of their jet investment will fall. However, the fact that they withdraw the pension from the fund does not mean that they have to cancel the contract with the investment company immediately. It is much better to keep the contract active in case they want to go back for investment. Even a contract with an investment company has its value. At least in the paid entrance fees for entering mutual funds, explains Vladimir Weiss.

According to him, especially those who use the funds as a savings tool should be aware of this. This means that send a pension to it regularly or as indicated. You also because they do not want to store them on banking techniques. What is rare today due to rising inflation and low years at banks.

Don’t be afraid and invest

The fact that Jaromr Sladkovsk, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Raiffeisen Investin, does not have to immediately terminate the contract with the investment company, does not have to immediately terminate the contract when collecting mutual fund pensions.

In general, it is not at all a problem for an investor to choose a pension from a mutual fund and keep an open contract with him, so that he will need to reinvest in the fund. Likewise, when it first accidents him, grow me to send a pension fund. So nothing happens, the contract is valid according to, and the investor continues to me, he explains.

According to him, the problem is not that the investor approaches his investment in mutual funds more actively, not in the usual way. Assuming that it pays off for him, for example, buy one of the offered mutual funds, sell it for a while, ie choose pension A for a time or immediately buy another and the same fund from the company’s investment, with a contract.

The only thing the investor will have to do will be to fill in the investment questionnaire again, but it is still updated once a year when you open the contract, which is not a problem either, explains Sladkovsk.

At the same time, it warns against the risk that people use share funds similar to savings. Klov always has an investment horizon, because it determines the nature of the investment and time and the method of its collection. This is also confirmed by Vladimr Weiss. Even according to him, much more is invested in the long run, not in frequent withdrawals and transfers of invested pensions from fund to fund.

On the other hand, I would not hesitate to invest pensions in the fund for a short time, it is not with us bn. And so he has invested his pension as a certain reserve for the case of low expenditures. In some circumstances, this may be a suitable way to save, not to send the pension to the savings bank, where the valuation will collect inflation and possible bank fees. But I definitely do not want to know that you do not have a place in the investor’s portfolio, concludes Weiss.