Pinest employees benefit and ask for them

Employees at today do not want to hear at a job interview towards their future valuation only and only in salary. Be interested in the non-financial benefits, which are a matter of course in a large number of domestic companies. Pineste is his company without any company costs, appreciate it.

Most companies are aware that benefits are a common component of employees’ wages, but they have the problem of classic benefits to the pinst company. The top management of some companies is not exactly inclined to introduce such benefits as pension and life insurance, corporate mobile phones for all, or the whole benefit system, which allows employees to pour the employer’s contributions into the product, prefers them. And so it happens that the employee just smiles sadly, when after paying the dog, the HR specialist puts only a package of meal vouchers in his hand.

If it is in your competence or case in your own right (on the one hand to attract quality future employees and on the other hand to keep the quality of the existing ones) introduced other than wage forms of employee remuneration, you have a number of options that can be easily grasped. And you don’t even have to look at the company’s financial situation. Simply pay employees a discount package, the ones they really care about.

Benefits in the form of tradeIf you are not working in a small village in the mountains, determine when you will look around, come across a number of services that your staff will use or would like to use. often, at first glance, there is such a self-evident thing that it does not immediately occur to you that the benefit could eventually come out of it. The whole system is carried out in the spirit of simple mathematics.

So now it’s up to you to decide which companies to offer. You could, of course, bypass all the monk in this sentence a tip to omit financial services bn you, vry, spoic and investin products.

Therefore, if you proceed in this way, it may happen that you work with us, which in the end will not bring enough response to your people, so they simply will not be interested in cadence, because, for example, the flight flies to your favorites and proven cadences. We could, of course, call the whole series such an example.

A zamstnanci uk, co chtjTherefore, it pays to participate in the selection of the company with discounts as benefits for the employee himself. Prepare them a questionnaire in electronic or paper form. Leave them, and let me know what promise and how much of the discount parties I want most. Offer them options with bleeding polkas, and simplify your choice. The mere fact that you involve them in the benefit collection will have a positive effect on them. Give them a pleasant feeling that they are deciding on their benefits, that the company cares about their opinion, etc., which comprehensively supports their loyalty in companies, you know.

The discounts that will be given to you by selected companies, which you can access through the design of your companies and real opportunities in your area, will probably not be too big. If you get discounts at vi 10, 20 or 30%, it will definitely be a big shower. The specific discount will, of course, depend on the number of people that your company “has”. But this discount can have a positive effect, especially if your people use the promise. If you then contract not one of them, but the whole pack of suitable services, he will not be satisfied.